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Anti-Everything avatar 6:13 PM on 05.23.2008  (server time)
Activision can not ruin Guitar Hero (in one way) by...

I think that with the exception of music composure, we're all a couple paychecks away from migrating to Rock Band entirely if we haven't already.

I have a Gameworks near my home in Schaumburg IL. It was fortunate enough to get a first and second test phase of Sangokushi Taisen, a real time rock-paper-scissors battle game in which you use cards to control the on screen action.

That's about all my interest in the games at these places outside of the pool table. Racing, fighting, dancing, shooting; not really interested. Obscure Japanese shit allows me to flex even a minor bit of elitism. Me though, I'm taking a team building trip for work which includes a baseball game and dinner and games at Dave and Busters.

Activision needs to give me one more bit of elitism and make an arcade cabinet for Guitar Hero. That I would praise from them. And thank them. Crushing victory over long-distance coworkers may not build a better team over what's already in place, in fact it might only build spite.

But it would feel so good.

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