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Anthony Burch avatar 6:35 PM on 06.01.2009  (server time)
Weekly Musing: Regarding E3

(Repost from the frontpage)

This is typically where you'd find the assigned community Musing topic for this month, but don't panic -- even though the topic and time period have changed, you've still got a chance to discuss videogames, and you've still got a chance to get your work published on the Dtoid front page. This week, you just happen to also have a chance at winning a bunch of E3 swag.

The theme this week is simple: talk about E3. What does it represent these days? What do you feel about the announcements? What purpose does E3 serve? How would you improve it? Any and all discussion topics regarding E3 are allowable.

Write a blog titled "Regarding E3: blah blah blah," choose the Monthly Theme tag, and if you write something sufficiently interesting or something that inspires decently interesting discussion, we'll frontpage your post and send you some E3 swag that we don't want.

That's about it, really.

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