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My dad's birthday is on June 13th, and I wanted to give him an interesting present other than a Blu-Ray of "Taken."

Yesterday, I forced him to stand in front of a green screen making certain poses, ignoring his frequent requests to know why I was making him flip off a digital camera. On June 13th he will, hopefully, get the picture.

I posit the following to you, Destructoid community. If you so desire -- and we can turn it into a contest if you like, with a prize consisting of a few games I no longer want like Yakuza and NiGHTs Wii or something -- take these attached pictures of my dad, and shoop them into something. It doesn't really matter what. It can be funny, or badass, or disturbing, or whatever you like. He can be riding a chicken, or punching out the moon. I leave it to your discretion.

On June 13th, I'll announce the winners. The number of winners will vary depending on how many games I want to get rid of, but the first place winner will get first pick of one of the game's I'm offering, the second place winner will get to pick one from the remaining lot, and so on and so forth.

I'll probably make a reminder post in a couple of weeks. Any questions? Comments? Shoops of my dad kicking Hitler in the junk?

Here are all the pictures I took. Or you can take them from the attached images below.
Photo Photo Photo

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