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Anthony Burch avatar 12:37 PM on 09.22.2009  (server time)
The future is now

Wherein I discuss videogame movie technology and how close we are to reaching it in reality.

On the subject of future-tech, I just got an iPod touch and am flabbergasted by how willingly people will put up with an intrinsically bullshit control scheme so long as it's connected to a device that can also play music and make flapjacks. On last week's Podtoid, we complained how irritating it was that Scribblenauts was entirely stylus-controlled and thus really awkward. Playing games on the iPhone -- even relatively okay ones, like Spider -- is like multiplying every bad thing in Scribblenauts by a factor of eighty, only without the tradeoff of imaginatively hilarious word bank gaming.

It's kind of sad when the only game I'm actively looking forward to on a platform is Canabalt.

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