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Anthony Burch avatar 4:51 PM on 08.25.2009
My thoughts on the upcoming "Gamer" movie, and Arkham impressions.

I'm leaning toward the assumption that Gamer will suck ass, but there are very small rays of weird, postmodern hope to be found in the basic premise.

I went to an Arkham Asylum midnight release with Davis, and spent around three hours playing it.

I like it.

I'm kind of irritated at the optional collectibles, mainly because I really really want access to all the challenge rooms but am also really really bad at finding shit (and I found a Riddler map that I assumed applied to the entire island, but only applied to the area I was in, and then I was like "aw damn," but then Harley Quinn showed up and started swinging back and forth and laughing at me while I fought goons and I was like "aw yeah" so it was alright).

I dig the combat -- it's shallow, but satisfying and at least not a button-masher. I like the stealth sections even more, though I do hope they get a bit harder. I've only been discovered once or twice, and I've never died. Still, it's just plain goddamn satisfying to batarang one gun-wielding shithead while glide-kicking another, then taking them both down.

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