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Anthony Burch avatar 11:36 PM on 05.16.2009  (server time)
Just to get it out of the way...

I am moderately sure we're still going to post it, but we filmed a "Like Big Boss" HAWP a while ago without knowing about the "Like a Big Boss" video posted in this week's Destructainment.

Considering it was a pretty obvious idea to have, I guess I'm not surprised that both we and the guy who made this video both latched onto it. Still, I think our version of the joke will be sufficiently different than his. The only situation that might preclude us from posting our version would be if this other video gets HUGE, to the point where it'd be impossible for the majority of regular HAWP viewers not to compare the two.

I just mention this now so nobody is surprised and claims we ripped these guys off if/when it gets posted in a few weeks.

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