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Anthony Burch avatar 12:56 PM on 06.16.2009  (server time)
An article I wrote about videogame movies that shouldn't be made.

You know they're still allegedly in preproduction on Sims movie? Ridiculous.

Just so this blog isn't an entire waste of self-promoting space, I have an almost-amusing story from E3 that I never really found the right place to fully tell.

So, on Tuesday Davis and I met Carlos Ferro, the guy who plays Dom. He was cool.

A day or so later, I'm walking through E3 and a guy notices me. "Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin!," he yells. And I say yeah, and he says he wishes he had a camera so he could take a picture with me. I say that I have a camera, and I could just email him the picture if he can find someone to take it for us. He begins looking around and sees a group of younger, nerdy-looking guys talking to a slightly less young, less nerdy looking guy.

The dude I'm talking to asks the guy if he'll take a picture of us, and when he turns I see it's Carlos Ferro.

I try to stop the guy from asking him, but it's a little too late. "Alright," Carlos says, "am I taking the picture with you, or you?"

The guy says, "No...I want you to TAKE the picture of us." Carlos starts laughing really loud, and tells the guys he was just talking to what happened. Then they start laughing really loud.

"Why are they-- ," he begins to say, before I interrupt him.

"He plays Dom, from Gears of War."

"Oh," he says before shrugging. "I'm a Sony fanboy."

Carlos and the group are still laughing.

"I feel like a dick," he says.

"Yeah, me too."

In hindsight, that story wasn't interesting at all. At least I don't have to add [shortblog] to the blog title, though.

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