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7:29 PM on 06.13.2012

Nas Hits Strong With Daughters!

While this is a blog about games. I'm about more than that. As an former inspiring hip hop artist at a young age. I connected with many rappers one by the name of Nas. Nas hits strongs with many lovely hits throughout the years. One of my favorites was "Black Girl Lost". This new track Daughters reminds me of that one except he drops a nice array of lyrics about experiences with daughters that fathers might come across. This track lets you know that rap can still be raw and respectable without it being gangster. If true skill lies within your talent like it does with Nas it doesn't matter the subject you will earn respect in Hip Hop. Nas has done it again with this track. I can't wait for his new album!

Listen to The Song Here:

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8:48 AM on 06.10.2012

Angry Birds Move To HD Consoles

Originally Posted By: McKinley Noble, Contributing Editor

E3 2012: Activision Leaks Angry Birdsí Move To HD Consoles | EGMNOW

This was originally was a repost but I'm just going to quickly set a few words on it. Angry Birds is a delitefully classic casual game. It involves mind use yet is fun. The birds are interesting and savy. Seeing this move to consoles I'm sure it will be even bigger. Not just for the usual Angry Bird swagger but I'm hoping we'll see maybe user generated content. I'll have my eyes out for more information on this. Till then I'll just play the Mini version on my PS3.   read

8:33 AM on 06.10.2012

ADG is here and invites you to his live gaming stream.

Hi guys. I'm here and if you check out my Bio.. I love Foom, Games, Casting. I invite you all to check out my content and my streams. It's good to be here! Been lurking for awhile lol!   read

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