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Nas Hits Strong With Daughters!

While this is a blog about games. I'm about more than that. As an former inspiring hip hop artist at a young age. I connected with many rappers one by the name of Nas. Nas hits strongs with many lovely hits throughout the y...


Angry Birds Move To HD Consoles

Originally Posted By: McKinley Noble, Contributing Editor @EGMNOW.com E3 2012: Activision Leaks Angry Birdsí Move To HD Consoles | EGMNOW This was originally was a repost but I'm just going to quickly set a few words on ...


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I am King Foom's unknown lover first and foremost. After that I'm a gamer, entertainer, Twitch.tv broadcaster, and soon to columnist on a up and coming magazine site. Please feel free to chat with me about anything game related, check out my content , and definitely make friends.


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