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Ant D
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How Dirt 3 ruined Xmas

How excited was I to secretly pull off a black Friday score of Dirt 3 for the PS3? All for an excellent price of "19 dollars and some change" shipped? Really excited! I mean why shouldn't I be. I've been waiting on a "cheap" ...


About Ant Done of us since 3:13 PM on 11.29.2011

PC gamer turned console gamer turned android and console gamer. Playing on the PS3, OnLive, and Android. Notoriously Anti-Apple. Lover of Dogs. I have strong opinions about good games and bad games; and probably complain too much about both of them. Turn based games make me sleepy and I could care less about multiplayer. Don't drink and drive race car games. I still don't know how to use semi-colons.

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