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AnjuL avatar 4:56 PM on 06.13.2013  (server time)
My Gaming Story: My 1st love... VIDEO GAMES!<3<3<3

<3As most of us grow up, we are easily influenced by our loved ones, family, friends, etc. When it came video games, it came from my wonderful mom! My brother and I were raised in bowling alleys because my parents bowled. Yet the fun part was the arcade. My parents are BEASTS at the retro classics Pac-Man and Galaga. Also my mom owned an Atari 2600 so watching them play was quite entertaining!

Then came the day they bought us our NES. I was 4 years old and always looked up to my older brother who's a year and a half older than I am. Always watching and observing him play a new game, then trying it out myself was a MUST lol. I remember when he would be playing Super Mario Bros. for example. Whenever he would jump, he'd lift up his arms as if he was making the controller jump also. So when I tried, I would do the same motion with my arms (but didn't know I had to push A) lol! Dr. Mario, Gradius, Gauntlet, Contra, Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, TMNT, etc were in our possession and couldn't have been anymore overwhelmed with excitement:D!

So with that all out of the way. Playing through so many adventures with my brother up until this day (separate TVs and consoles now because we hate split screening haha!) and watching my mom's skills on puzzle games such as Dr. Mario and Tetris, made my love, passion and relationship for gaming start and we're still going strong! 24 year and growing ;).

Hope you all enjoyed my story, now GAME ON! :)

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