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Animucast's blog

1:10 PM on 11.12.2010

Animucast Episode 21 - Westward Stella

Hello dear listeners! Once again we bring you another amazing episode of Animucast. As always we have your questions, news, show of the week, suggestions, and so much more. Join Evan and Yashoki as they bro out and fist eac...   read

4:50 AM on 11.05.2010

Animucast Episode 20 - Mayflower Stella

Another Friday, another episode of Animucast! This week is really important because it's the first week since we've been featured on Watch Play Read! If you dont know about it the name pretty much says it all. This ...   read

5:53 PM on 11.04.2010

Animucast Episode 20 Recording Tonight!

Hello dear listeners, once again you have to deal with the three of us talk about all things weeaboo. We know you do this because you love us and we love you too. As always we have your qestions, news, new show of the week,...   read

3:57 AM on 10.29.2010

Animucast Episode 19 - Prizes in the Middle East

  Episode 19 is upon us and something is missing. Our very own Stella Wong, flew away to the Middle East for a little bit so this week you get the Evan and Yashoki brofist extravaganza. We talk about the news, your ...   read

3:48 PM on 10.28.2010

Animucast Episode 19 records tonight!

  Hiya folks! If you're wondering what we're doing here you might have forgotten that last week we told you that your favorite Animu and Mango podcast would be weekly. That means we record on Thursday an...   read

4:23 AM on 10.22.2010

Animucast Episode 18 - Double Dippin

    As promised here’s Episode 18, the same week and on Friday! Guess we can edit the same night, who would have thought? This week Evan, Stella, and Yashoki go through the brand new season! So many show...   read

1:36 PM on 10.19.2010

Animcast Episode 17 - We're back and we want you

Dear Listeners, They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and I truly believe that. The time we spent apart has only solidified the feelings I have for you. I miss your touch, your embrace, your kiss. I miss getting ...   read

3:11 PM on 09.08.2010

Animucast Labs - Special Report

Hey folks! Since we havent had a show in a while due to the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle Yashoki has decided to do a little report on what we’re working on in the Animucast labs. Enjoy! As always Follow us on Twitter, iTunes, email us on our Gmail account or call us at 503-897-7MOE BGM: Samurai Champloo   read

12:47 PM on 08.26.2010

Animucast Records Tonight: GAR As Lobster Milkshake

MY GITAH IS THE GITAH THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS Oh mah gawd, it's time for some new Animucast. You know you love us, and we know you're GAR for us, so it all works out in the end. Once again the most manly, GAR weeaboos ...   read

2:47 PM on 08.19.2010

Animucast Episode 16 - Implying Implications

What's that? I think it's Animucast episode 16 around the bend! Yes sir and you're more than welcome to listen to this goulash of non-pretentious talk about anime, manga, and all things related. To change it up a bit we hav...   read

3:22 PM on 08.05.2010

Animucast Episode 15 - Evan broke things again?

Hey they’re listeners! This week we bring you more of what you love: US(Not to be confused with the U.S.A)! As always we answer your questions, tweets, and listen to your voicemails! The current show this week is Shiki – a ...   read

1:56 PM on 07.15.2010

Animucast Records Tonight: The Moe Is Strong With This One

Running in the 90's is a new way to set you free Oh hell yes it's time for another kickass episode of Animucast! As always king, Yashoki, and venerable dreadnought that is Stella Wong will be taking your questions, comments...   read

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