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My Favorite Gaming Food

Disclaimer: this is NOT an AD I am just sharing opinion. The perfect gameing food is something that will not leave reside on your fingers, uses no utensils, is easy, tasty, and filling. I think I found A winner.   This Go ...


Happy Birthday Doom.

Happy Birthday Doom. Created by ID twenty years ago, the game is as legendary as it is controversial.The brutal, bloody, and intuitive game was a masterpiece at its time. At the time one first popular 3D environment games it is said to be the inspiration for modern games. Both praised by gamers and hated by the media Doom is a name almost everyone knows.


Gaming Memories: First System

The first system I received, Christmas 1998, I remember how excited I was, as a five yearold boy it's hard not to be excited at the very thought of Christmas.  I saw a large warped up package, under the wrapping paper, was a ...


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