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Hello and greetings, my name is Brett and I am an artist and also a nerd. I am on a quest to gain infamy, and I am all over the internet in many fine and not-so-fine places!


I created a terrible, NSFW 12-page comic called Dream Dive. It's not porn, but it would probably suck less if it were. Or more. I don't know.

I also made a terrible stop-motion video called Godzilla Versus the Zoids as an excuse to burn some model houses from an old art class a few years back.

Favorite games include:
Shadow of the Colossus
No More Heroes
Panzer Dragoon Orta
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Jet Set Radio Future
God of War 2
Contra: Shattered Soldier
Metroid Prime
The World Ends With You

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As promised in my last blog, after getting enough feedback, I set forth to paint the epic Destructoid Metroid, also known awkwardly as the Metstructroid.

...Okay, so it's really more of a half-painting, half-collage thing, and probably not at all what a lot of you were expecting, but here it is, in all its glory:

Awesome, ain't it?

And to give you an idea, here's some snapshots I took of the whole process of creating the thing:

Step 1: I used a 4.5x6-inch piece of watercolor paper leftover from my horrible online watercolor class and just slathered paint on it. In all honesty, when I create something like this, I only have a vague idea of what I want the final product to look like and the rest is a "hey what if I do THIS?!" kind of process. I plan very little.

Step 2: Like I said, it's part collage. Those red bits are index cards sliced up. Whenever I finish painting something and I still have paint leftover on the pallette, instead of letting it dry up, I find something blank to paint all over, for later use.

Step 3: More collaging! This time a webby-thing cut from an old Biology vocabulary sheet, as you can see.

Step 4: The Metstructroid himself was drawn on a piece of green construction paper and glued on before I started actually painting him. I did the third eye/nuclei differently from the eyes (which were glued on later as pieces of red construction paper) so that you can see that the Metrstructroid is a translucent kind of guy, like the Metroids themselves.

Step the fifth: And voila! I wanted to make him stand out more on the paper, so to try to make the background less "noisy" I threw white paint all over the place, and his eyes, mouth, and uhh, unibrow I suppose you'd call it, are all glued on. I left the mouth and unibrow white, again, to make him stand out more.

And that's how you make an epic masterpiece without any Photoshop or computer dickery involved. What say you, Dtoiders?

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