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AngryEMOgirl avatar 11:57 AM on 06.11.2009  (server time)

And westerns and Steampunk! I was looking at the Edge of Twilight trailer yesterday and I couldn't believe my eyes. It actually looked like a decent rendition of Steampunk, AND a game with some pretty sweet potential. (Also thanks for all the comments on my first post!)

The other thing I thought when I saw the title was unfortunately related to a piece of "literature" that involves teen angst and sparkly vampires... I kind of challenged myself to read Twilight so that I could rage about it and at least back myself up with the fact that I actually did read the monstrosity. However its been over half a years and I'm still not done... I started reading World War Z instead. The sad thing is when I start a story, no matter how stupid, boring or insane it is, I need to know what happens in the end. Which means I'll probably be watching the movies. Surprisingly I was able to enjoy the first one somewhat. Probably because it was shorter... and didn't involve first person narrative... *shudder*. Ugh, first person.....

Anyways, back on topic... BUNNEHS! So the one quam I have with Edge of Twilight (so far anyway, not really much to go on, I only watched the trailers :D), aside from the unfortunate timing of the use of "Twilight" in its title, is that I, as a female gamer, am not all the intrigued by the big, husky male character with a mullet, mustache and trenchcoat. I just don't know that I will enjoy being an elderly male, and elder male badass by the looks of it, but still. Something I wish game companies would realize about girls and games. A lot of the time, all it takes is the ability to customize your character to ridiculous extents, and girls will give it a try. Its why so many play the Sims. The level of Customization is nuts. I myself am not as gung-ho about it as some, but my sister is. She buys games for the character customization sections. Whether you think thats a retarded reason or not to buy a game *shrug*, but from a marketing or just plain money making standpoint that seems like a fairly simple way to broaden your audience, which has been males age 15-30 (or whatever) for years now. Instead of making Barbie, make Callamity Jane, just less, man-like and less drunken slurring, maybe. (Oh how I love you Deadwood). There was a Callamity Jane cartoon, way back sometime when I was but a wee tot. I wish I could watch it again. She wasn't so butch in that show... or drunk. Infact I think she was sober most if not all the time. It was a kids show I guess...

Anyway on to Western games? I notice there seems to be a new crop in the works. I love Western movies. Like I REALLY love them. I've been collecting them since I've been able to afford to do so. I would love to play western games but so far there haven't been any compelling enough for me to pick them up. I have GUN but I still haven't played it. It sits lonely, dusty and untouched like my PS3, minus the shiny EMO blackness. The New Red Dead Revolver and Call of Juarez looks pretty spiffy though. One thing I've really disliked about Western games so far is that the controlls always felt awkard to me, or at least the first person display seemed so weird it threw me off and I couldn't play any more. I can play FPS's set in the present and the future and deal with it but something about a dudes hand holding a revolver in the corner of the screen just messes with my head. Same thing bugged me in Bioshock. It was fine when he was holding a wrench or whatever, but when he picked up the revolver my eye was just constantly drawn to how awkward it looked the way he was holding it.

Anyway, that's all for now. Going to go enjoy my sunny day off work outside the "fresh" city air. I know, not playing video games. What kind of freak am I? O_O

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