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AngelEena's blog

5:20 PM on 04.02.2012

10 things Thingy: AngelEena

Andy said to keep this thing rolling and if you don't obey your community managers You probably get dickslapped so here goes... 1. I can play the Saxophone. And I can play it pretty fucking well. Well enough that in high s...   read

7:03 PM on 08.23.2010

What did I receive in the mail today??


6:40 PM on 06.14.2010

The Great Escape: Poor Childhood Leads to Bad Health.

Games have always been around for me. Which is very good when you're the youngest of 4 children and everyone else is at least 5 years older than you. No one wants to play with you, and to top it all off you're poor enough th...   read

3:31 PM on 03.07.2010

I can't think of a good reason... (Epic Wall of Text)

...As to why I'm writing instead of doing what I should be doing. Probably because I made a deal with my husband that every time I start a new game I have to write something, or I don't get any new games. Well, since I star...   read

8:38 AM on 01.29.2010

Today is an odd day. (NVGR)

I keep meaning to post things I've written here. No joke, I have about 20 half to seven-eighths done articles sitting on my laptop. Waiting for me. Also, mocking me on days that I haven't had enough sleep. But to be honest, ...   read

11:32 PM on 09.04.2009

The early years of my survival.

I was an odd child. Reveling in things beyond my years, due to my lack of interaction with children my age and essentially being raised by teenagers. So my interest in Survival Horror came very early. By the age of six, I had...   read

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