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AndyLonn avatar 4:12 PM on 01.13.2013  (server time)
We had a baby

I'll admit, this post will stray off the beaten path of my usual posts, whom primarily revolve around games and gaming culture,but it's worth it because this is the blogpost where I announce to the Destructioid community the birth of my son, Bjørn. who was born wednesday night.

We were way past our due date and they had to start the birth at the hospital, and after 8 hours of labor,we had a son in our arms.We didn't know the gender beforehand so it came as a surprise, I've always said it would be a boy, and turns out I was right. A healthy little boy with ten fingers and ten toes, and the best part of it all, he inherited his good looks from his mother.

Now, at the dawn of our new life with this baby boy, I've been reflecting about becoming a father, and how that will change me, as a person. I've always loved kids, I have 2 nephews and a niece from before, so I'm no stranger to this "new" state of living. but still, this is something I don't get to watch someone else do, and comment upon that, this is my journey into fatherhood, or our journey, me and my partner's, into parenthood,

As I see it, anyone can become a Father, Not everyone can be a Dad, after all, all it takes to become a father can be done in a few minutes. But being a Dad, that's hard work. You'll have to dedicate a big portion of your life to these little creatures, create a stable environment around them, keep bringing in income so that you can support them. and put your dreams on hold for a while so that you can care for their well being.

So even with all the inherent fears and doubts we may have towards ourselves as parents and being able to raise this baby together, We'll now have to face those challenges, And I don't think we'll do all that bad to be honest. Not that I want to take anything away from people who have been or are raising children, It's hard work with a lot of sacrifices, I know that. As we all know, it takes a village.

But still, We turned out okay, and having the support of our parents, and siblings around us, I think we'll do just fine.

But in the end, Only time will tell if we are fit for the challenge.

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