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AndyLonn avatar 1:29 PM on 07.04.2013  (server time)
Superhero Spectacular Part 4: InFamous: Festival of Blood Review

This is the 4th part of my Superhero Spectacular, If you want to go back and read the whole thing, you can do so here

So I did the review for Infamous 2,  but did you know that there was a standalone expansion pack to Infamous 2? There is and it's named Infamous 2: Festival of Blood

Initially I thought this might be an easy cash in on the success of InFamous, having seen how well Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare did the year before. But Sucker Punch really delivered with this expansion pack, and along the way help define how DLC should be done.

Mechanics and setting is pretty much the same from Infamous 2. What's new however is the story and Cole's new powers.

The game starts off with Zeke trying to attract the attention of a girl at a bar, Noticing his comic book she tries to belittle him telling him they are children's books. Zeke mentions that if it weren't for him and his comic books, his friend Cole MacGrath might not have been so successful in his quests. Hearing the name of the "Demon of Empire City" the girl sits down to listen to Zeke's story about the night Cole was turned into a Vampire.

The whole DLC is set on the New Marais holiday: Pyre Night, a night that is celebrated in commemoration of the day Bloody Mary was burned on a pyre in the town. This very same night Cole is led into some catacombs where the local vampires is trying to resurrect Bloody Mary, Cole's superhuman blood acts as a catalyst which brings Bloody Mary back to life and Cole is subsequently sired as a vampire. Since being a vampire really gets in the way of his plans of defeating the Beast, Cole and Zeke puts their heads together to find a way out of Cole's new situation

With new situations comes new powers. And this is where Festival of Blood really shines. Over the course of the DLC, Cole's vampire abilities starts to emerge, these include turning into bats, Vampire sense and making his lightning powers into weapons to hunt vampires with.

Turning into bats is insanely fun at times, and it makes hunting down the collectibles so much more fun than it ever was before, Too bad this ability doesn't carry over  to the main game, as it would make it a lot easier to hunt for blast shards.

Other than that, The story is actually pretty good, the back story of Bloody Mary is established via vampire relics spread across New Marais, the voice acting is stellar and I really liked the way Sucker Punch drew inspiration from one shot comic books like holiday specials and the like. Festival of Blood would stand strong among many Halloween specials out there in terms of story.

I do have one gripe with FoB however, and that's the way they nerfed Cole's health when fighting as a vampire. One second I was kicking ass and taking names the other I was dead because some of the ranged vampires armed with crossbows and sub machine guns decided to gang up on me. It was really quite frustrating, and even more so during a chase sequence / boss fight where during the chase I managed to lower his health quite significantly, then at the end of the chase sequence when I thought I was home free, I died and the boss was health was restored when I respawned

This is a product of a common fault with all the InFamous games, a fault I failed to address in my earlier reviews because it never presented itself as big problem. When you die, the game puts you back (or forward) to the nearest checkpoint, and these checkpoints aren't autosaves, so it really doesn't matter how well you were doing, when you respawn, you'll be exactly where the game wants you to be

Off course the flip side to this fault, and the reason I never adressed it as a problem earlier, is  that the game doesn't record how bad you were performing either, It just strikes a middle ground. For instance, Are you in a combat sequence that is too hard? don't worry, when you die, the game respawns you after the fight is finished. Now this doesn't happen all the time but in FoB it happened alot.

All in all I really dug what Sucker Punch did with their stand alone DLC for Infamous 2 and I give it a well earned 4/5

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