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This is part 3 of my Superhero Spectacular, If you want to go back and read the whole thing from the beginning, you can do so here.

How do you follow up a game that did almost everything right? Well you make another game that almost does everything right apparently.  Sucker Punch had their work cut out for them with following up InFamous.  A game that delivered one heck of a new direction from the standard open world game. implementing better exploration than games like Assassins Creed and having almost expertly executed pacing, which seems to be really hard to do in Open World games

Infamous 2 picks up almost directly after the end of the original Infamous. Cole having defeated Kessler learns the prophecy about the Beast. Cole's state after this confrontation depends on your choices throughout InFamous. so I won't touch upon that too much since I only played the one ending and I don't want to retroactively spoil anything in InFamous, All you really need to know is that in preparation of the upcoming battle with the Beast, Cole travels to the city of New Marais.

The game does one thing pretty early on that I really dislike in sequels like this: they strip almost all of the abilities he gained in the previous game so that they can have  a blank slate to work with and the leveling system is reset to zero. They always do this and I really wish that for once we could carry all of the abilities over from one game to the other, but alas it wasn't like that in InFamous 2.

But other than that: How was the game?

It was pretty damn awesome. I didn't care too much for the beginning, and the pacing of the game isn't as excellent as the pacing from the first one, but all in all Sucker Punch has built upon everything that the original Infamous 1 and made it better.
I feel New Marais is a lot easier to feel at home in than Empire City, The environments are more vibrant and alive, there are more variety in the scenery and the city as a whole from the inhabitants to the monuments and structures feel more well crafted within the story of InFamous

The way Cole traverses New Marais hasn't changed a lot from the previous game, Cole grinds and hovers from powerline to powerline and can climb anything you can set your eye on just like he did in the first one. But Sucker Punch did a better job this time around, planning the city so that you can grind continuously for a much longer time than you could before, And it feels all that more awesome this time around

As for combat, Cole is now armed with a melee weapon that's charged with electricity and can land some hefty finishing moves after a 1 - 2 combo. There are too many new additions to Cole's power for me to list, But my favorites include Redirectable missiles, Frost Jumps,  and the Lightning Tether. The hand to hand combat is still a bit rough as it were in the first game, but it isn't something that pulls from the experience

The presentation is still done in motion comic form but this time around they also added in-engine cutscenes that look great. The voice cast is still pretty good, all though Zeke is still a bit annoying at times, and the story is very well put together, considering it's a direct continuation of the story from the first InFamous

All in all I don't have all that many bones to pick with this game. Everything that was done well from the previous game was done better, and there were a few changes here and there, like the pacing and the leveling system, but if that's the price for bringing the series forward so that it doesn't come out exactly like the previous game, I'll gladly pay it

I usually don't like giving out half points on my reviews but for this game I'll make an exception. I do this because I think the game is really good but some unnecessary changes makes it come out just short of a perfect score

The epic conclusion to Cole MacGrath's story gets a 4.5/5

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