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AndyLonn avatar 3:32 PM on 07.05.2013  (server time)
Superhero Spectacular Guest Appearance: Deadpool Review

When I first heard that High Moon Studios were developing a Deadpool game back when they announced it, I was filled with different emotions, Excitement because Deadpool has been one of my favorite comic book characters over the last few years, but I was also worried that they weren't going to take it seriously and that the game would end up as an unplayable mess like a lot of superhero games often become

Luckily Deadpool was more of an Arkham Asylum than a Rise of the Manhunters. The game isn't nearly as polished as Arkham Asylum was, but the way High Moon services the fans in this game goes above and beyond anything that I would have expected, It actually goes so far that I can overlook some of the less polished aspects of the game and the sometimes bland gameplay.

If you don't know who Deadpool is, I'll sum it up the way he himself sums it up in the game: "FIrst I was a villain, like you but better looking, Then I tried to be a good guy like Wolverine, but better looking. Then there were the evil canadian military project, And some killing, Some more killing,... To be honest the killing never really stopped, and that leaves us here".

Deadpool is a Marvel comic book character who exists in the same continuity as the X-men, He was a mercenary diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, who through a Canadian military project was imbued with Wolverine's healing factor, the process left his entire body scarred and made him go crazy, He was initially a villain in the Marvel Universe but he has tried his hand at heroics also, due to his mental state he is highly unpredictable and can turn at any moment. Deadpool also knows that he is a comic book character (or in this game, a video game character) so he can "break the fourth wall" and talk directly to the reader (player). This makes for a hilarious character that I really recommend you check out if you are into comics.

The story of the game is that Deadpool has sent in a game proposal to High Moon studio, it is first declined but after threatening to blow up their entire building (after he actually blew up part of the building) they send him a script of the game as they envisioned it. Deadpool doesn't quite agree with the script so he makes some changes, but along the way he also forgets which changes he made, or what the script was about to begin with, Let's just say the story is highly unpredictable just like the title character, expect cameos of both well known and lesser known characters from the Marvel universe.

Deadpool is a hack and slash third person shooter action game, where new combos become available to Deadpool as he progresses, To be honest I never really bothered with learning the combos (and I played it on the highest difficulty) and just button mashed my way through the melee fights. I eventually learned what worked and didn't work in form of button presses. The melee fights are pretty good at times and feel suitably hectic as I feel any fight that Deadpool would be in should be.

The shooting mechanics could have used a bit more work, for instance when you aim directly at an enemy's head it isn't guaranteed that you will hit him in the head, the aim is a bit off at times.  Luckily the use of gunkatas and weapon upgrades fixes some of this by the end of the game and it isn't game breaking in anyway.
Deadpool's powers plays a part of the gameplay, His regeneration powers are like made for video games, though I did find it strange that I died as often as I did (remember I played on the highest difficulty) for a guy who has regenerative health and a deal with Death that basically makes him immortal, but it wouldn't be much of a game if I couldn't die. the teleporter also makes and appearance. It is used for evading enemy attacks and later in the game for traversal. I really wished though that High Moon would have made more use of the teleporter when it comes to moving around in the game, It would have made for more interesting platforming segments. And while teleporting around to stay alive in combat was fun, the amount of invisible walls and the inability to teleport of ledges ends up being quite frustrating

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Seriously Dtoid, what is up with the way the text sometimes becomes so small in AndyLonn's posts?

Where this game really shines though is in the amount of hilarity and madness that High Moon decided to put in the game. the story is written by former Deadpool writer Daniel Way so the game feels very true to the character that I've gotten to know over the last few years. And boy is this game funny, I laughed out loud several times, and that's something that I rarely do when it comes to video games, Yeah I've chuckled at games like Monkey Island, Deathspank, Duke Nukem and the likes but I have never laughed as loud and hard as I did with this game.

Scoring this game is going to be hard, Do I look at the sum of it's parts or the experience as a whole? While in other cases the game's faults would have counted as a negative on the score, But this time I chose to look at this game and say: "Did I get what I wanted out of the game?" and score it based on that.

While I felt that some of the gameplay aspects felt repetitive and a tad bit frustrating at times, it seems that High Moon maybe knew this was the way the game was going to turn out and compensated with just adding more Deadpool madness, and in the end that really worked out for them.

I honestly think that this is the perfect Deadpool game, I'm not saying the game couldn't have used a bit more polish, but in this industry where AAA Military shooters is getting all the spotlight I applaud High Moon for doing something different with this game.

I give Deadpool a 5/5 

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