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Well this is akward, I guess you want me to tell everyone something about myself, Where to begin, I'm from Norway, where I work as an Electrician, And I have a well established gaming addiction that started early on, As I've grown up it's probably the one hobby that has been constant, I started with a Windows 3,1 computer with games like Wolfenstein 3D and Prince of Persia, moved over to Sega Mega Drive (a console I still have and play to this day) and so on and so forth.

Today I own all three of the home consoles on the market, and a high end computer, I try to play just as much on all four, but as the current generation has stalled too long, I often than not find myself playing most games on the PC with a Xbox Controller.

In my blog I'll write abit about everything that I find interesting in the industry today, So I hope you enjoy.
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Hey guys, I've been playing a really kick ass game non stop, wanna know what game it is?

That is right ladies and gentleman.

"BroForce" comes from indie developer Free Lives out of Cape Town, South Africa

What is BroForce you ask? "Explosions" I answer. And if you want something more detailed than that, well let's just hear what the developer says about it themselves

"Broforce is a hyperviolent action platform game. it features 90's blockbuster movie action heroes making up the Broforce team- an under-funded vigilante paramilitary organisation- saving the world from satanic alien terrorist investment banker buisnessmen in non-stop, fast paced co-operative strategic mayhem filled with more action and explisions than anything else, ever"

And if that doesn't sound cool to you, then you are in the wrong place.

BroForce was introduced to me by my friend Christian who deserves all credits for putting this game on my radar. 

I've been spending some time with the alpha build available at Free Lives website, and I am just loving this game to death. The mechanics are kind of wierd at times and I haven't really gotten a full grasp of how I do some stuff, like for instance, every time I die I change character. Which is okay, but also every time I release a prisoner I change character, and I haven't found a way to change character by choice.

But none of that matters because what the game do extremely well is, randomness
I love the way this game just outright doesn't make sense at times, And the randomness of it all is just so damn funny it makes me want more

The game features characters from 80's and 90's blockbuster movies, Rambo for instance is named RamBro (which was also the initial title of the game), Arnold Schwarzenegger's character from Commando is named CommanBro or something like that. You also unlock more characters as you progress through the levels

Now I won't spoil all the characters that I came across as I were playing the alpha, but suffice to say, I had a blast when Blade the Vampire Hunter showed up (here named Brade) but I totally lost it when Judge Dredd (one of my all time favorite comic book characters) showed up as BroDredd

All characters have unique attacks and special attacks, but other than that they are pretty much the same when it comes to the controls. and there is also a button for high fives. Yup, you read correctly

BroForce features 4 player Co-Op and the finished game will also feature a deathmatch mode that will most likely be used several times by me and my friends as a party game. Oh how we love party games..

The indie scene is a very varied place, but among the art games, and the games that really innovates, it's nice to see that there is also developers that will make a game that is just dumb fun. If I were a indie developer, this is the sort of game I would want to make. It's just fantastic

If anything that I wrote about this game sounds interesting to you, I urge you to go over to Free Lives website and check it out, you can find the alpha build there and make up your own mind about the game

As for me? I've already preordered it

I've dreaded this blogpost ever since I weren't able to complete Prototype, the gaming gods really didn't want me to complete this blogseries, and man was I frustrated. As I've said earlier, my computer froze several times during gameplay so I had to restart my computer, then on two occasions the save file was corrupted so I had to start over. I finally had enough and decided that this will be an impressions post instead of a review, and that's why I won't score the game at the end of the post

So how does Prototype fare?

Not so well I'm afraid

The story of Alex Mercer is a troubled one, The game starts in medias res where Alex is at the end of his story and his biggest challenge is upon him. After a lackluster tutorial you are put into the action and you fight a few baddies before the story takes you back to where Alex's story begins

Alex wakes up in a morgue in the basement of GENTEK, a genetic engineering company based in New York just before his autopsy, Alex escapes and he witnesses a cleanup operation where several scientists are being gunned down by military operatives. Alex is discovered and fired upon. He survives the attack and realizes that he has newfound abilities when he leaps over a wall to safety. He quickly realizes that he can shapeshift, he has superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, senses, endurance, weaponry and the ability to "consume"people to gain their memories, skills and appearances. Alex also has no memories of his life prior to waking up in the morgue and decides to consume those related to the conspiracy to uncover the truth

Alex faces of with two factions, the United States Military and Blackwatch a special forces unit dedicated to combating the virus known as Blacklight that is overrunning Manhattan. Captain Robert Cross is given orders to find and contain Alex.

The story is very much blockbuster movie like, but it is also very poorly conveyed. I didn't get all the memory parts that link together the conspiracy as I couldn't complete the game, but none of the characters stand out, the voice acting isn't at all inspiring. Alex isn't at all a likable character, wanting to cause death and destruction across New York for his own personal vengeance mission  All together there isn't a single interesting character in this game and the story is very forgettable.

The visuals are very hit and miss. On one hand Alex and his powers looks pretty awesome. Especially the ground spike and the shield.  the CG animated cutscenes are pretty to look at. But on the other hand the city looks like crap whenever you scale a building or get close to it. the vehicles, pedestrians and even the enemies looks really bad. The interior locations looks like they could have been pulled from a PS2 era game, everything just feels underdeveloped.

The gameplay mechanics aren't at all what I expected. that's not to say that they were bad, just that I expected something more along the lines of InFamous and the Spider-Man games, but got more of a Hulk Ultimate Destruction, which shouldn't have been a surprise if I had bothered to do my research, since Radical Entertainment developed Hulk Ultimate Destruction.

I kept saying to myself:  "This feels like it could be a Hulk game." and then I discover that it kind of is in a way.

You unlock powers via points you earn in combat, but unlike games like Infamous and Spider-man, you never really know which skills you should upgrade, Oh, Unless the game actively tells you that you can't start a mission until you have unlocked that particular skill. In most cases I didn't need the skill when I was on the mission, it just acted as an entry fee for the mission. It ended up being pretty frustrating by the end.

Alex's powers are fun to play around with, but hard and convoluted to use in combat situations. You have to switch between powers by entering a menu that slows down time and choose which power to use, which really ends up being too much effort. You just try to make by with whatever power you have equipped at the time.  You are never really sure which powers you should use anyways.

Most of the time the combat is so chaotic that you are never really clear on who you should be attacking. In some cases you are helping the military fight off Infected, in the next mission you are using the conflict to your advantage and let the infected kill the military for you. There is never any clear conveyance of objective other than: "Follow that marker"
As you've probably guessed, I didn't have a fun time with Prototype, the game had some interesting ideas, but I felt that Radical maybe had problems shaking off the gameplay mechanics that were used in Hulk Ultimate Destruction, and that in turn hurt the game, as it never established its own identity. Prototype felt underdeveloped at times and I really think that the game could have used a few more months in development.

The game did do well enough to justify a sequel however, I haven't started on that yet, but worry not I will and I can promise you that I'll give that game a proper review once I finish it.

When I first heard that High Moon Studios were developing a Deadpool game back when they announced it, I was filled with different emotions, Excitement because Deadpool has been one of my favorite comic book characters over the last few years, but I was also worried that they weren't going to take it seriously and that the game would end up as an unplayable mess like a lot of superhero games often become

Luckily Deadpool was more of an Arkham Asylum than a Rise of the Manhunters. The game isn't nearly as polished as Arkham Asylum was, but the way High Moon services the fans in this game goes above and beyond anything that I would have expected, It actually goes so far that I can overlook some of the less polished aspects of the game and the sometimes bland gameplay.

If you don't know who Deadpool is, I'll sum it up the way he himself sums it up in the game: "FIrst I was a villain, like you but better looking, Then I tried to be a good guy like Wolverine, but better looking. Then there were the evil canadian military project, And some killing, Some more killing,... To be honest the killing never really stopped, and that leaves us here".

Deadpool is a Marvel comic book character who exists in the same continuity as the X-men, He was a mercenary diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, who through a Canadian military project was imbued with Wolverine's healing factor, the process left his entire body scarred and made him go crazy, He was initially a villain in the Marvel Universe but he has tried his hand at heroics also, due to his mental state he is highly unpredictable and can turn at any moment. Deadpool also knows that he is a comic book character (or in this game, a video game character) so he can "break the fourth wall" and talk directly to the reader (player). This makes for a hilarious character that I really recommend you check out if you are into comics.

The story of the game is that Deadpool has sent in a game proposal to High Moon studio, it is first declined but after threatening to blow up their entire building (after he actually blew up part of the building) they send him a script of the game as they envisioned it. Deadpool doesn't quite agree with the script so he makes some changes, but along the way he also forgets which changes he made, or what the script was about to begin with, Let's just say the story is highly unpredictable just like the title character, expect cameos of both well known and lesser known characters from the Marvel universe.

Deadpool is a hack and slash third person shooter action game, where new combos become available to Deadpool as he progresses, To be honest I never really bothered with learning the combos (and I played it on the highest difficulty) and just button mashed my way through the melee fights. I eventually learned what worked and didn't work in form of button presses. The melee fights are pretty good at times and feel suitably hectic as I feel any fight that Deadpool would be in should be.

The shooting mechanics could have used a bit more work, for instance when you aim directly at an enemy's head it isn't guaranteed that you will hit him in the head, the aim is a bit off at times.  Luckily the use of gunkatas and weapon upgrades fixes some of this by the end of the game and it isn't game breaking in anyway.
Deadpool's powers plays a part of the gameplay, His regeneration powers are like made for video games, though I did find it strange that I died as often as I did (remember I played on the highest difficulty) for a guy who has regenerative health and a deal with Death that basically makes him immortal, but it wouldn't be much of a game if I couldn't die. the teleporter also makes and appearance. It is used for evading enemy attacks and later in the game for traversal. I really wished though that High Moon would have made more use of the teleporter when it comes to moving around in the game, It would have made for more interesting platforming segments. And while teleporting around to stay alive in combat was fun, the amount of invisible walls and the inability to teleport of ledges ends up being quite frustrating

[font='Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]T[/font]

Seriously Dtoid, what is up with the way the text sometimes becomes so small in AndyLonn's posts?

Where this game really shines though is in the amount of hilarity and madness that High Moon decided to put in the game. the story is written by former Deadpool writer Daniel Way so the game feels very true to the character that I've gotten to know over the last few years. And boy is this game funny, I laughed out loud several times, and that's something that I rarely do when it comes to video games, Yeah I've chuckled at games like Monkey Island, Deathspank, Duke Nukem and the likes but I have never laughed as loud and hard as I did with this game.

Scoring this game is going to be hard, Do I look at the sum of it's parts or the experience as a whole? While in other cases the game's faults would have counted as a negative on the score, But this time I chose to look at this game and say: "Did I get what I wanted out of the game?" and score it based on that.

While I felt that some of the gameplay aspects felt repetitive and a tad bit frustrating at times, it seems that High Moon maybe knew this was the way the game was going to turn out and compensated with just adding more Deadpool madness, and in the end that really worked out for them.

I honestly think that this is the perfect Deadpool game, I'm not saying the game couldn't have used a bit more polish, but in this industry where AAA Military shooters is getting all the spotlight I applaud High Moon for doing something different with this game.

I give Deadpool a 5/5 

It's been a while since I posted anything (with the exception of the Festival of Blood review that I posted a few minutes ago), and that's something that I really didn't want to happen as I am fairly dedicated to the experimental blogging experience that I've chosen to call "Superhero Spectacular"

This is the first time I've embarked on a blog series and I really hoped everything would work out fine, Sadly this hasn't been the case

The reason I haven't been able to keep up with the flow of blogposts that I had in the beginning of this blog series is two part

1. I am on sick leave, I have an arm injury from when I was a kid that has flared up, so I'm on medication and that medication combined with the pain is making me really drowsy

2. Prototype is being a real bitch :P, I am really not liking the game as a whole (you'll see when the review comes out) and my computer decided to freeze several times so that I lost all my save progress, I've restarted twice already but I've finally decided to just stop

So my solution to this problem is: I'm going to do a partial review of Prototype, I'm not gonna assign a score to the game, as I wouldn't be giving the game a fair shake as I haven't played the entire game. and then move on to Prototype 2

the last time my save game was lost I had 4 or 5 missions left so I was pretty close to the end, and to be completely honest, those missions would have to be damned good for it to redeem the game in my eyes, but as I don't know, I won't assign a score to the game as a whole.

Enough with the negativity, I'm glad to announce that there will be one or two guest appearances of other superhero games before the end of the blog series

So stay tuned

This is the 4th part of my Superhero Spectacular, If you want to go back and read the whole thing, you can do so here

So I did the review for Infamous 2,  but did you know that there was a standalone expansion pack to Infamous 2? There is and it's named Infamous 2: Festival of Blood

Initially I thought this might be an easy cash in on the success of InFamous, having seen how well Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare did the year before. But Sucker Punch really delivered with this expansion pack, and along the way help define how DLC should be done.

Mechanics and setting is pretty much the same from Infamous 2. What's new however is the story and Cole's new powers.

The game starts off with Zeke trying to attract the attention of a girl at a bar, Noticing his comic book she tries to belittle him telling him they are children's books. Zeke mentions that if it weren't for him and his comic books, his friend Cole MacGrath might not have been so successful in his quests. Hearing the name of the "Demon of Empire City" the girl sits down to listen to Zeke's story about the night Cole was turned into a Vampire.

The whole DLC is set on the New Marais holiday: Pyre Night, a night that is celebrated in commemoration of the day Bloody Mary was burned on a pyre in the town. This very same night Cole is led into some catacombs where the local vampires is trying to resurrect Bloody Mary, Cole's superhuman blood acts as a catalyst which brings Bloody Mary back to life and Cole is subsequently sired as a vampire. Since being a vampire really gets in the way of his plans of defeating the Beast, Cole and Zeke puts their heads together to find a way out of Cole's new situation

With new situations comes new powers. And this is where Festival of Blood really shines. Over the course of the DLC, Cole's vampire abilities starts to emerge, these include turning into bats, Vampire sense and making his lightning powers into weapons to hunt vampires with.

Turning into bats is insanely fun at times, and it makes hunting down the collectibles so much more fun than it ever was before, Too bad this ability doesn't carry over  to the main game, as it would make it a lot easier to hunt for blast shards.

Other than that, The story is actually pretty good, the back story of Bloody Mary is established via vampire relics spread across New Marais, the voice acting is stellar and I really liked the way Sucker Punch drew inspiration from one shot comic books like holiday specials and the like. Festival of Blood would stand strong among many Halloween specials out there in terms of story.

I do have one gripe with FoB however, and that's the way they nerfed Cole's health when fighting as a vampire. One second I was kicking ass and taking names the other I was dead because some of the ranged vampires armed with crossbows and sub machine guns decided to gang up on me. It was really quite frustrating, and even more so during a chase sequence / boss fight where during the chase I managed to lower his health quite significantly, then at the end of the chase sequence when I thought I was home free, I died and the boss was health was restored when I respawned

This is a product of a common fault with all the InFamous games, a fault I failed to address in my earlier reviews because it never presented itself as big problem. When you die, the game puts you back (or forward) to the nearest checkpoint, and these checkpoints aren't autosaves, so it really doesn't matter how well you were doing, when you respawn, you'll be exactly where the game wants you to be

Off course the flip side to this fault, and the reason I never adressed it as a problem earlier, is  that the game doesn't record how bad you were performing either, It just strikes a middle ground. For instance, Are you in a combat sequence that is too hard? don't worry, when you die, the game respawns you after the fight is finished. Now this doesn't happen all the time but in FoB it happened alot.

All in all I really dug what Sucker Punch did with their stand alone DLC for Infamous 2 and I give it a well earned 4/5

This is part 3 of my Superhero Spectacular, If you want to go back and read the whole thing from the beginning, you can do so here.

How do you follow up a game that did almost everything right? Well you make another game that almost does everything right apparently.  Sucker Punch had their work cut out for them with following up InFamous.  A game that delivered one heck of a new direction from the standard open world game. implementing better exploration than games like Assassins Creed and having almost expertly executed pacing, which seems to be really hard to do in Open World games

Infamous 2 picks up almost directly after the end of the original Infamous. Cole having defeated Kessler learns the prophecy about the Beast. Cole's state after this confrontation depends on your choices throughout InFamous. so I won't touch upon that too much since I only played the one ending and I don't want to retroactively spoil anything in InFamous, All you really need to know is that in preparation of the upcoming battle with the Beast, Cole travels to the city of New Marais.

The game does one thing pretty early on that I really dislike in sequels like this: they strip almost all of the abilities he gained in the previous game so that they can have  a blank slate to work with and the leveling system is reset to zero. They always do this and I really wish that for once we could carry all of the abilities over from one game to the other, but alas it wasn't like that in InFamous 2.

But other than that: How was the game?

It was pretty damn awesome. I didn't care too much for the beginning, and the pacing of the game isn't as excellent as the pacing from the first one, but all in all Sucker Punch has built upon everything that the original Infamous 1 and made it better.
I feel New Marais is a lot easier to feel at home in than Empire City, The environments are more vibrant and alive, there are more variety in the scenery and the city as a whole from the inhabitants to the monuments and structures feel more well crafted within the story of InFamous

The way Cole traverses New Marais hasn't changed a lot from the previous game, Cole grinds and hovers from powerline to powerline and can climb anything you can set your eye on just like he did in the first one. But Sucker Punch did a better job this time around, planning the city so that you can grind continuously for a much longer time than you could before, And it feels all that more awesome this time around

As for combat, Cole is now armed with a melee weapon that's charged with electricity and can land some hefty finishing moves after a 1 - 2 combo. There are too many new additions to Cole's power for me to list, But my favorites include Redirectable missiles, Frost Jumps,  and the Lightning Tether. The hand to hand combat is still a bit rough as it were in the first game, but it isn't something that pulls from the experience

The presentation is still done in motion comic form but this time around they also added in-engine cutscenes that look great. The voice cast is still pretty good, all though Zeke is still a bit annoying at times, and the story is very well put together, considering it's a direct continuation of the story from the first InFamous

All in all I don't have all that many bones to pick with this game. Everything that was done well from the previous game was done better, and there were a few changes here and there, like the pacing and the leveling system, but if that's the price for bringing the series forward so that it doesn't come out exactly like the previous game, I'll gladly pay it

I usually don't like giving out half points on my reviews but for this game I'll make an exception. I do this because I think the game is really good but some unnecessary changes makes it come out just short of a perfect score

The epic conclusion to Cole MacGrath's story gets a 4.5/5

Next up: InFamous 2: Festival of Blood Review