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Andy Butler avatar 1:07 PM on 06.07.2010  (server time)
"Meet the BritToid Cast - Gandysampras"

So, it looks like we've finally been unleashed on the Destructoid community in all our glorious Britishness. Except for our adopted Luxembourgian n0brein, but who's kidding? He's pretty much one of the family now. As you may have guessed from the title of this blog I am Gandysampras, the ever present Lumberjack in the BritToid team. A number of you will have met me last year at PAX, met me here at a DToidUK meetup or hung around in IRC to be bask in my glorious presence. For those of you who know nothing about me I'm hoping this short post will help to introduce myself better to you.

I joined Destructoid a billion years ago in August '06 and lurked fabulously for an inordinate amount of time before deciding to hop into the unofficial IRC channel and get more involved (Cblogs, Forums and FNFs). The biggest thing for me that made DToid my true “internet home” was meeting a ton of you all at PAX last year.

Seeing how much fun all you fucks had at PAX '08 I decided there and then to get my ass across the ocean to meet all the people in person that I had spent so much time getting to know online. PAX '09 was and still is one of the best weeks of my short life so far and incredibly it has nothing to do with the actual PAX event, what made it so good were the people who were there.

When it comes to games there are always too many I want to buy compared to the amount of money I have, DtoidUK's own Half Left will attest that instead of buying sensible food I have bought a new release several times in the past 12 months alone. Recently I've become a big fighter fan with SFIV and SSFIV taking up a large portion of my time along with Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake.

I'm the kind of person that seems to love games that no-one else does. Altered Beast was my favourite Mega Drive game, I own not one but TWO copies of Too Human and have played that game to death and Superman 64 was the best game I have ever played. Okay the last one is stretching it too far even for me but the others are true.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter (though I say almost nothing of interest), give BritToid episode 1 a listen and leave us some feedback.

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