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It started with the Atari 2600 and has continued through the PS3 and XBOX 360. I was raised into gaming and have made it an integral part of my daily routine. I remember my first gaming experiences as clear as any other stand out event of my life. I remember playing Pole Position and Donkey Kong. Being so young but still realizing how utterly disappointing Ghostbusters was for the Atari.

Gaming has finally hit the mainstream. Video Game premiers are no different than movie premiers now a days. Look at the massive events held for Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3, and Uncharted 2. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud of how far its risen. I love video games. More-so the more vintage games which relied on imagination and building fascinating worlds and experiences for the player than those which simply look to follow a trend.

I have strong feelings toward the more recent trends in gaming which appear troubling to me. Haha look more blogs on such things soon enough.

However, as it stands, I'm a gamer. A true gamer that understands what makes a fine game. It goes beyond graphics or bits or idiotic console fanboy wars. Gaming is about immersing yourself in another world. It's about striking your imagination, and giving you an experience that'll remain in your memory.

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Andy Basantes
1:08 AM on 09.20.2010

Now I'm sure this has been an argument that has gone on for a long while. I'd be lying if I said I was aware a Major League of Gaming even existed. However, after it was brought to my attention that such a thing exists the answer wasn't so clear cut to me.

I've played more traditional sports like Baseball, and still take part in boxing and hockey. Both take a lot of physical training, but the key component in whatever sport you practice is hand-eye coordination. To me, it's the fine tuning of hand-eye coordination that determines a sport, not so much the physical strain on someone's body.

At least, that's the belief I've come to embrace after years of watching ESPN broadcast bowling, golf, and the world series of poker. Poker...for godsake. Why poker seems to get exposure on a "sports" network like espn, but events held by MLG don't, is beyond me.

Obviously ESPN for years has been trying to gain more and more popularity by catering to a younger, hipper example of this could be how their broadcasters are merely failed comedians instead of true sports analysts.

So, why not cater to the growing popularity of gaming?

I mean, you have games like Halo, Uncharted 2, and Call of Duty that open up bigger than most movie releases. Their red carpet events rival any summer blockbuster, and more and more the gaming community is becoming more mainstream and gaining popularity. Instead of being viewed as a hobby for people with social deficiencies. (a stigma I feel undeserving in most cases)

Now people may say, it doesn't take an athlete to be a gamer. I will often counter with, go to the bowling alley or driving range and find me an athlete.

What defines an "athlete" in his/her respective sport? Physical build? Because I've seen some horror stories bowling and on the golf course.

Gaming, I think above Bowling, Golf, and Poker (since ESPN seems to give it exposure as a sport), fine tunes hand-eye coordination. Memorization, Concentration, Reflexes, to be a major player in MLG you need to excel in all of the above.

So is Gaming a sport? Given the criteria most seem to consider what a "sport" is, and what is needed of an "athlete" to succeed in it?

Personally, I say why not?
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Well, for the few fans of this franchise, it has been a LONG time coming...but alas we have our sequel to probably two of the most intriguing anti-heroes in gaming.

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days makes no apologies about what it stands for, what their characters stand for, and what the gamer can come to expect. It is dark, grimy, extremely violent, and gives you a dirty feeling inside like there is something morally wrong with you.

Now, if you're a rookie to the franchise this may be a problem for you. Gamers are usually used to playing as heroes or anti-heroes with redeeming qualities within them. It makes it easier to root for their story, and provides proper motivation to press on. I will say, flat-out there is NO redeeming quality about the characters Kane and Lynch.

They are criminals. Rabid animals that will do anything to survive, and what this game does is make you feel like exactly just that. There's a raw, visceral feel to the gunfights and surroundings. Mainly due to the absolutely brilliant camera work and presentation. Perfectly mimicking the appearance of raw web-cast footage you'd find in Youtube.

For those familiar with the franchise, who endured sluggish controls and idiot team A.I., and punishing difficulty for the sole purpose to see how the first story ended for these dirtbags turned brothers-in-arms...Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is the game we all expected its sequel to be.

First and most importantly, Online Co-op makes its debut. No more awkward split-screen (though it's still an option) that'll drop the framerate.

In terms of features, Army of Two: 40th Day is still the best overall co-op shoot 'em up (In My Opinion), however in raw, visceral action. I've seen few games that bring the tense, loud nature of actual shoot outs as accurately as Kane and Lynch 2.

While the story isn't as compelling as Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, it still carries its weight due to its strong voice acting.

With its dark characters, atmosphere, and violent shoot outs and actions (blowing the brains out of hostages, just to watch the splatter on the camera lens never gets old...ugh i feel dirty lol), this game won't be for everyone.

However, if you're a veteran of the franchise and can not get enough of this far from dynamic duo, you owe it to yourself to pick up this stellar sequel.

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is a wild, violent ride. Buckle up and enjoy.

Don't get me wrong, I love Jamie Foxx. I think he transitioned from comedian to an overall complete actor like few others have in the industry. However, if this isn't horrible casting I don't know what is. The dynamic that made the story for this ill-accepted game was Lynch. (most reviewers were unforgiving about the controls, but most agreed the story and the dynamic between the characters were what kept them playing. Me included)

This isn't Kane and Lynch, this is an ignorant Hollywood producer's vision on how to sell tickets. Simply make a Pulp Fiction-esque kind of film. Not only does the story of the film have absolutely nothing to do with the game, but the casting was horrible for one of the key characters to the story.

Lynch, like it or not, is a redneck psychopath with a trademark half-bald/half-mullet, thick goatee appearance. I'm not sure if they even approached him, but Billy Bob Thorton would've been absolutely perfect for the role, and I could imagine his chemistry with Willis would've made it that much better.

I can't imagine Jamie Foxx nailing the role. The look is wrong, though I'm sure he could pull off a southern accent to appear hick-ish. Everything about this film seems wrong, and just another example about how hollywood has no clue what they're doing out there. The mission is to sell tickets, not make movies. Based on the story and casting, could've easily given this film another name, probably wouldn't sell as well though.

I was really looking forward to this film as well. Had the chance to be one of the most violent, and enjoyable video game adaptations.

Latest blog is up at

It's a sneak peek at Sony's hit MLB franchise. 2K Games is going to have their hands full with this monster on the horizon, and I just don't think Million Dollar perfect game is going to be enough. Hope you guys enjoy. Later I'll be posting my top five sports games of all-time. Will be interested to see your take on it. Take Care Fellow Gamers!

I won't waste the time explaining how impactful a video game trailer could be in getting you into purchase mode. These were the top 5 trailers that had the most effect on me...and are just flat-out enjoyable.

10) The Darkness

9) Mortal Kombat II

8) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

7) Team Fortress 2 (Part of the Orange Box)

6) The Old Republic

5) God of War III

4) Gears of War

3) Killzone 2

2) Dragon Age: Origins

1) Mass Effect 2 (TV Spot)

I'm certainly enjoying my time posting blogs here on It's been a great way to communicate with fellow gamers on various aspects of the world of gaming. It has also served as a way to gain some exposure as well in the field of journalism. While I will continue to post blogs here, I will also be posting links to my blogs on

My blogs there will be specifically for the sports gaming world. Since it is a website/webcast based in the sports world. I will be reviewing sports titles retro and new, as well as giving in depth previews of sports games on the horizon.

The first of my retro reviews is the classic NES baseball game, and in my opinion, still the best baseball game I ever played...Baseball Stars.

There is a link below to the Blog. Sign Up to keep updated and of course to leave feedback. It's been one of the many things I've enjoyed most about blogging here and would love to see it carry over to this great site as well. Hope you all enjoy, and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Ahead of Time. :)