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Name: Andy Butler
Age: 23
Location: Sheffield, UK

Currently Playing:

Starcaft II
Sam & Max
Mafia II
LA Noire
Fallout New Vegas

Gmail / GTalk: Gandysampras[at]

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Over at Ubisoft's Prince of Persia site the first few pages of Penny Arcade's latest game-themed comic have appeared. I love these little series that the guys over at PA do every so often, the Fallout 3 Vaults series is one of my favorites they have done. If you haven't seen them before then give them a look. Believe me it's worth it.

Looks like fate really is against Fable 2, what with all the cuts, and setbacks leading up to its release. The latest entry into the shenanigans surrounding the game is that a number of people who pre-ordered the limited edition version did not receive the promised DLC codes. It seems this is a Microsoft problem and should be sorted out by the 28th of this month, with replacement codes somehow being delivered to those without them. Good news for us euros though, the problem is USA only so we should all get ours.

For anyone who got the game today, how are you enjoying it so far? If you got the limited edition did you get your DLC codes?

If you are one of the unlucky few still to be without a beta key for the upcoming Call of Duty: World at War then try your hand at Fileplanet tomorrow (Tuesday 21st) for a chance at getting in. I'm afraid you will have to sign up to some bullshit, but hey what else would you expect from Fileplanet?

Here is a copy of the e-mail sent out to all Fileplanet subscribers about the keys.

Lionhead have released the Fate cards that were cut from the limited edition version of Fable 2 for free today as a download from their site. Does this take the sting out of the removal of the rest of the extras from the limited edition or is it too little too late?

This comes paired with a new venture into online leaderboards for a variety of statistics including the always enjoyable chicken kick.

Just a quick post to let anyone who's interested know that has got the full list of Left 4 Dead achievements up.

As I'm sure a lot of you are, I am really looking forward to Left 4 Dead. I'm still slightly torn between the 360 and PC versions. The achievement whore in me says 360, while the sane part of me says the gameplay will be better on PC. Even if fewer Dtoiders go the PC route it does seem to be the better choice.

Are you planning to get Left 4 Dead? If so what platform are you leaning towards and why?

Over at Pwn or Die they've got a quick side by side comparison of the redesigned Gears 1 maps against the original counterparts. Don't forget if you buy Gears 2 new you get these five maps for free, will this latest carrot-dangling exercise convince you to buy a game new that you would otherwise buy second hand? Or will you wait it out and get them as DLC later if the multiplayer has improved? I know I will be taking option two as the multiplayer element of Gears 1 didn't hold my interest, but who knows, maybe the co-op will be great and i'll have to buy it to play with my buddies.