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9:45 PM on 10.21.2008

Penny Arcade Prince Of Persia Comic Revealed

Over at Ubisoft's Prince of Persia site the first few pages of Penny Arcade's latest game-themed comic have appeared. I love these little series that the guys over at PA do every so often, the Fallout 3 Vaults series is one of my favorites they have done. If you haven't seen them before then give them a look. Believe me it's worth it.   read

12:20 PM on 10.21.2008

Fable II DLC Codes Missing

Looks like fate really is against Fable 2, what with all the cuts, and setbacks leading up to its release. The latest entry into the shenanigans surrounding the game is that a number of people who pre-ordered the limited edition version did not receive the promised DLC codes. It seems this is a Microsoft problem and should be sorted out by the 28th of this month, with replacement codes somehow being delivered to those without them. Good news for us euros though, the problem is USA only so we should all get ours.

For anyone who got the game today, how are you enjoying it so far? If you got the limited edition did you get your DLC codes?   read

5:34 PM on 10.20.2008

Still Need A CoD:WaW Beta Key? (UPDATED)

If you are one of the unlucky few still to be without a beta key for the upcoming Call of Duty: World at War then try your hand at Fileplanet tomorrow (Tuesday 21st) for a chance at getting in. I'm afraid you will have to sign up to some bullshit, but hey what else would you expect from Fileplanet?

Here is a copy of the e-mail sent out to all Fileplanet subscribers about the keys.   read

4:24 PM on 10.20.2008

Fable 2 Leaderboards and Fate Cards

Lionhead have released the Fate cards that were cut from the limited edition version of Fable 2 for free today as a download from their site. Does this take the sting out of the removal of the rest of the extras from the limited edition or is it too little too late?

This comes paired with a new venture into online leaderboards for a variety of statistics including the always enjoyable chicken kick.   read

3:27 PM on 10.20.2008

Left 4 Dead 360 Achievements Unlocked

Just a quick post to let anyone who's interested know that has got the full list of Left 4 Dead achievements up.

As I'm sure a lot of you are, I am really looking forward to Left 4 Dead. I'm still slightly torn between the 360 and PC versions. The achievement whore in me says 360, while the sane part of me says the gameplay will be better on PC. Even if fewer Dtoiders go the PC route it does seem to be the better choice.

Are you planning to get Left 4 Dead? If so what platform are you leaning towards and why?   read

8:47 PM on 10.19.2008

Gears 2 Flashback Map-pack: Now With Added Brown

Over at Pwn or Die they've got a quick side by side comparison of the redesigned Gears 1 maps against the original counterparts. Don't forget if you buy Gears 2 new you get these five maps for free, will this latest carrot-dangling exercise convince you to buy a game new that you would otherwise buy second hand? Or will you wait it out and get them as DLC later if the multiplayer has improved? I know I will be taking option two as the multiplayer element of Gears 1 didn't hold my interest, but who knows, maybe the co-op will be great and i'll have to buy it to play with my buddies.   read

8:40 PM on 10.19.2008

Street Fighter Movie Site Reveals Nothing

A new website for the Street Fighter movie has gone up, unfortunately there is literally not one scrap of information that was not previously know. Just an up close shot of Kristin Kreuk's face and a little text. Here's hoping this movie isn't another video game conversion we put on the list of failures.   read

3:09 PM on 10.19.2008

Call Of Duty: World At War Multiplayer Beta Impressions

I know this may seem a little late to everyone who's been getting their attack dog fix for a while already, but I wanted to see if having an extended experience with World at War would change my opinions of it in any way.

Let me start off by saying that I'm a huge fan of CoD 4 and was looking forward immensely to the opportunity to get my grubby little mitts on this iteration in the series before it's official release. In essence World at War is CoD 4 in World War II, however there are a number of subtle tweaks that differentiate the two games, for both good and bad.

Lets Start off with the maps themselves, we have Castle, Roundhouse and Makin.

Castle is an asymmetric map and also the most enclosed of the three maps offering a large amount of internal cover and chances for close combat. The level design feels very tight and balanced in both deathmatch and objective games. The majority of combat takes place in the two large buildings at the top of a hill. Each Building has a sniper tower from which to rain down hell upon your opponents, but these sniper towers are positioned so that you are extremely exposed from many directions when using them. Castle feels like a map dedicated to whole team VS team combat rather than small one on one conflicts which creates a hectic speedy atmosphere which I love.

Roundhouse is the largest of the three maps and also the one with the now (I'm sure) infamous glitch where you can crawl under the map and obliterate the enemy from your cowardly rape nest. This is a shame because the map is a blast to play and many games are simply skipped or spent fighting an invisible enemy. When you do get a good group though, the open ground makes for great use of scoped weaponry, and the tanks boast a new challenge. For example I begin every single Roundhouse match the same, I break out my anti-tank class and gun straight for their tank. The map is based around an old train station, with a large central building surrounded by the various ruined buildings and carriages. There is also a catwalk running over the middle of the map that provides a much-welcome vantage point.

Makin is the only map of the three set at night. The map consists of a large beach area alongside the sea and a cluster of jungle pathway. All of the buildings on the map are simple wooden huts and many of these are on stilts giving a two-tiered feel to some sections. In a centre there is a large sniper tower to one side that you can see the majority of the map from, and directly opposite this is the section of pathway leading up to the edge of the jungle. Stealth is the way to go on Makin due to the night time conditions, medium level design and the fact that there are few obstructions from one side of the map to the other. Not to mention the fact that even without stopping power the wooden buildings are easy to kill fellow players through.

Overall I feel the level design has been done well with different combat styles shown in all three of the beta maps. Close, team based combat on Castle, series of small scale / one on one battles in Roundhouse and slower paced, stealth combat on Makin.

All the gametypes you know and love from CoD 4 are back but this time capture the flag makes a welcome return from CoD 3 and the new war mode is introduced. Capture the flag we all know but WAR is brand new in the series, but is similar to sabotage (or territories if Halo is more your thing).The difference being that only one capture point is up for grabs at any one time. This concentrates the fighting and allows some real all out battles. The more objectives you complete throughout the round the more momentum you and your team receive. Take a couple of enemy bases or kill opposing members of their team and you receive a momentum boost (aptly named Blitzkrieg) that allows you to capture points quicker.

One niggling problem is the fact that spawn points often seem to get mixed up, causing members of the opposing team to spawn directly in front of you or vice-versa. This can get quite frustrating at times and I hope Treyarch get this bug squashed before the full commercial release, but hey, finding these problems is the sort of thing betas are for, eh?

Weaponry includes bolt-action (read sniper) rifles, regular rifles, sub-machine guns, full-auto machine guns and shotguns. The number of explosive devices has also been upped on previous CoD games, with a choice of frag, anti-tank and Molotov cocktails for primary grenades, and gas, smoke or flares for the secondary variety. The M9 Bazooka, satchel charges and land mines also make a welcome return tot he game.

Before the raising of the level cap I was hugely biased towards the joy of the shotgun. The happiness that comes with blasting another human being in half is hard to match, however on any of the two larger levels I would constantly be killed off before reaching my intended target, and by someone on the opposite corner of the level to me nonetheless. As I watched the kill cams I came to realise that I was being sniped in maybe 2-3 shots from a sub-machine gun over a ridiculous and impossible distance. This is one of the few complaints I have about the beta, the power of the subs is far too high, making them the be-all and do-all of the weaponry. In 9/10 one on one fights even over great distance, if one party has the Thompson or other sub then it's pretty much a win and a kill for them.

The inclusion of vehicles has been done extremely well, the tank's turrets are sufficiently slow but powerful to keep them balanced with the rest of the equipment, and the fact that a couple of anti-tank grenades or other explosives destroy them relatively quickly prevents them for lasting too long in the firefight.

The new combo-kill rewards for three, five and seven kills are also done well. The 3 kill bonus is essentially the UAV from CoD 4. The airstrike is replaced with an artillery strike that lasts longer and also affects team mates. For seven kills, as I'm sure you've all heard a pack of attack dogs is unleashed upon your enemies. This is by far the most satisfying feeling in the entire time I have played. Seeing kill after kill rack up at the bottom of the screen thanks to these lovely little puppies is fantastic. Conversely, the second I hear enemy dogs barking I back into a corner, surround myself with bouncing betties (land mines) and take out my pistol to defend against the hellish-demons.

Many of the perks from CoD 4 return along with a few new or redesigned ones. Last Stand is back as Second Chance and has been significantly beefed up in its new guise. You can now revive downed team-mates so long as both of you have the perk, adding another level of survivability to the perk. The dreaded martyrdom and its younger, slightly less annoying brother juggernaut also return, but at last there is a perk designed to combat martyrdom as Stopping Power does to Juggernaut. The Flak jacket will lessen damage from all explosives, including grenades, rockets, tank shells and artillery. Toss-Back will reset the fuse on any enemy grenades you find the desire to pick up and Fireworks will increase the damage output of all explosives.

As you can see from the lovely picture above the flamethrower is making an appearance as a perk unlocked at the penultimate level of 64. A counter-perk is also introduced, Fire-Proof will give the user protection from the likes of both the flamethrower and Molotov cocktails.

Vehicle Perks are also introduced with three of the five being unlockable in the beta. These generally either allow you to move or shoot faster, longer or for a greater length of time.

At first I was sceptic of Treyarch, but after seeing how they have taken the CoD franchise back to its roots in such a fantastic way. So long as none of the identified bugs slip through the net I'm sure that World at War will be a welcome member to the Call of Duty franchise. I am very impressed with the multiplayer experience and can only hope that the single player and co-op campaign will be as good.

I'm not into the whole scoring a game out of ten thing so I'll just say that CoD:WaW is seems like a great game from the impressions I've gotten and I'll be getting it soon after launch.   read

9:30 PM on 10.17.2008

CoD: WaW Level Cap Raised

Treyarch have literally JUST upped the level cap, and added Team Hardcore and Search and Destroy playlists to the beats for CoD: WaW. The new level cap is 24. Get unlocking those purdy new weapons guys 'n gals!


6:54 PM on 10.17.2008

Fable Fans Rejoice: Launch Trailer Unveiled (Update)

UPDATE: Fable 2 street date broken in Australia

With only four days to go (a full week for us Brits), Lionhead have released the latest and final trailer for Fable II both onto xbox-live and the web. The trailer does a great job of hooking me even further into the game, showing off a wide variety of morphs, clothing and weapons that are present in the game. Check out the embedded trailer at the bottom of the post.

I was a massive fan of the first Fable even with the flaws it had, I sank an enormous amount of time into systematically killing every single person and buying their property, and its these meta games and other such little touches that I love about Peter Molyneux's games.

I've been a great fan of Molyneux since the Dungeon Keeper / Theme Hospital days when he was at Bullfrog. The amount of subtle humour and all the hidden extras that are crammed into the games have always kept me coming back over and over. Peter has said in almost every interview recently that these little “ideas” can be both good and bad, and I agree. In the past such as in Fable I, these ideas were disjointed and didn't really have a proper place as part of the story. However he recognised this in the development of Fable II and incorporated the ideas that will add to the overall story and experience without being excessive.

Fable II looks to be a very promising game and I personally can't wait for next Friday to roll around to begin my career as Chicken-suit wearing orgy fanatic.

[embed]108205:15304[/embed]   read

10:56 AM on 10.15.2008

Molyneux Talks About Next Project: Hasn't Learnt From Mistakes

As much as I have a soft spot for the excitable child inside Peter Molyneux, he really needs to learn to control his shit and keep his lips sealed. Once again he has has unleashed the hype machine on his next project. Code named “Project X” recently changed from the original name “Dimitri”, Molyneux says he wants to show it off as early as GDC 2009. Apparently, "Everyone at Microsoft who's seen it is super excited about it - I mean there's just this huge anticipation for us to finally show it, because it is so unbelievably ambitious". Hmm, am I the only one sensing a little deja-vu here?

Anyway, head over to Kiziko games for the full scoop and I suggest reading their last interview with him as well if you missed it.   read

10:12 PM on 10.14.2008

Fable 2 mini site launched: Free in-game goodies

For those Dtoiders like myself who are looking forward to the release of Lionhead's Fable II then head on over to the new mini site where after completing the storybook and a chicken kicking game you can unlock some in-game goodies.

For completing the storybook you can unlock (depending on which ending you get):

A Lionhead Tattoo and Hero Doll (Good)
A 3 Piece Chicken Suit (Middle)
An “Evil Expressions Book” and “Apocalyptic Pink Dye”(Evil)

For completing the chicken kicking game you get:

2 x 500g
"Lord Of Yard Birds" Title

The Storybook can be completed unlimited times, so grab all three prizes. The items will be waiting for you when you first boot up the game.   read

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