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Name: Andy Butler
Age: 23
Location: Sheffield, UK

Currently Playing:

Starcaft II
Sam & Max
Mafia II
LA Noire
Fallout New Vegas

Gmail / GTalk: Gandysampras[at]

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So, it looks like we've finally been unleashed on the Destructoid community in all our glorious Britishness. Except for our adopted Luxembourgian n0brein, but who's kidding? He's pretty much one of the family now. As you may have guessed from the title of this blog I am Gandysampras, the ever present Lumberjack in the BritToid team. A number of you will have met me last year at PAX, met me here at a DToidUK meetup or hung around in IRC to be bask in my glorious presence. For those of you who know nothing about me I'm hoping this short post will help to introduce myself better to you.

I joined Destructoid a billion years ago in August '06 and lurked fabulously for an inordinate amount of time before deciding to hop into the unofficial IRC channel and get more involved (Cblogs, Forums and FNFs). The biggest thing for me that made DToid my true “internet home” was meeting a ton of you all at PAX last year.

Seeing how much fun all you fucks had at PAX '08 I decided there and then to get my ass across the ocean to meet all the people in person that I had spent so much time getting to know online. PAX '09 was and still is one of the best weeks of my short life so far and incredibly it has nothing to do with the actual PAX event, what made it so good were the people who were there.

When it comes to games there are always too many I want to buy compared to the amount of money I have, DtoidUK's own Half Left will attest that instead of buying sensible food I have bought a new release several times in the past 12 months alone. Recently I've become a big fighter fan with SFIV and SSFIV taking up a large portion of my time along with Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake.

I'm the kind of person that seems to love games that no-one else does. Altered Beast was my favourite Mega Drive game, I own not one but TWO copies of Too Human and have played that game to death and Superman 64 was the best game I have ever played. Okay the last one is stretching it too far even for me but the others are true.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter (though I say almost nothing of interest), give BritToid episode 1 a listen and leave us some feedback.

Well then, I'm finally back at home in stinky ole Britain and already I'm missing both Seattle itself and all of you motherfuckers. I had literally the best week of the entire last year if not my entire life, and no matter how crappy I feel over the next few days I know that there isn't a better community out there and there are an inordinate amount of awesome people that I cant wait to see again.

I just want to throw a special thanks to both Chooly and McSnow, without whom I doubt I would have been able to get to PAX at all. For those who dont know, Chooly sorted out pretty much all the Britains with somewhere to stay and McSnow provided totally awesome cheapo-flights so <3 to you guys.

The con was OK, the city is cool but we all know that the real reason we went was each other, and I did have one moment like no other. CTZ, the Shark himself greeted me one fine evening in the Elephant and Castle with a prominent "I'm a shark, suck my dick!". How does one reply to such a culturally rooted and fancy greeting? I decided that all I could do was ask him to present his penis and hope to not offend him. Little did I know that my display of knowledge of the ways of the shark would actually cause our beloved community manager to flash, with me, the lucky beholder catching a glimpse of his fantastic, nay, amazing manhood. So thankyou Hamza for letting me become part of the select group that has seen your "special" fin.

Lastly, as I'm obviously not very good at this thanks to everyone who was there. You made my entire week the best thing in existence and I cant wait for it to happen again. <3

Andy Butler
10:03 AM on 02.12.2009

I feel so warm inside

Well, I just finished exams and I seem to be in a gaming glut so what better way to pass the time than grab a two week free trial on City of Heroes with my fellow Dtoiders. We're all going to hop onto a US server when we finally get it up and running so join us for the luls. I'll post server names, etc once we get it installed. In the meantime head over to the CoH website and get signed up!

EDIT: Ok here goes nothing then

Server: Infinity

My Hero name: Archery Lad

Over at the Rockstar Games Social Club website a new Eugenics Inc. ad has sprung up detailing a quarantine of the company's compound due to an outbreak of a contagious disease. Located in Bohan Eugenics Inc. is a physical location in the GTA IV world, but is yet to play any part in the story of GTA IV. Microsoft previously confirmed an autumn release for the first set of DLC and this advertisement hitting the web at this point seems to fit ever so nicely. Of course that could just be the immense desire I have for zombies to play a part in every single gaming gaming experience, but hey, here's hoping.

Quarantine: Contagious Disease
Nobody shall enter or leave the premises without the proper documentation issued by Eugenics Inc. No person, except authorized agents or employee of Eugenics Inc. shall either destroy or remove this sign. Anyone violating these regulations will be arrested and prosecuted by the proper authorities. By order of the LCPD and Eugenics Inc

Now that all the excitement, etc seems to have petered out for GTA IV, would this make you pick the game back up and play? Or would you be looking forward to a more traditional mission based DLC package?

EDIT: Looks like great mind's think alike, Nick Chester just posted this frontpage so go check it out.

The public beta for the fantastic classic gaming download service Good Old Games has started today. If you weren't one of the lucky few to get a closed beta key let me clue you in to what you have been missing out on. Remember all the games you used to love? Fallout 1 & 2, Freespace, Earthworm Jim and a personal favorite of mine Battle Chess? GOG sells all of these and many, many more for the extremely low price of either $5.99 or $9.99 depending on the game. All of the titles are completely DRM free, are Vista compatible and are supported by a fantastic customer service department. I really cannot praise these guys enough for giving me back all the games I used to love but can no longer run due to hardware conflict issues. So head on over and peruse the catalog of gaming nirvana.