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AndrewG009's blog

9:54 AM on 06.22.2011

Drew a Conclusion: You Don’t Know Jack HD

Those who find themselves drawn closer to the Saturday Night Live rendition of Celebrity Jeopardy, replete with the surly visages of Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds, than Trivial Pursuit will, odds are, have played Jellyvisi...   read

10:42 AM on 06.21.2011

Did LulzSec Leak Your Data?

While we could all argue between the righteousness and asshatery of what LulzSec, an off-shooting branch of Anonymous, has been up to lately, I think if there is one lesson to take away from recent events is that we should ...   read

9:45 AM on 06.21.2011

Drewsome Twosome: A Comparative Clash of Section 8: Prejudice & Brink

First-Person Shooters have a distinct, formulaic presentation that their genre has been perpetuating since the first sprites were slaughtered in titles like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. Since then, as all things usually do, FPS...   read

9:08 AM on 06.20.2011

Drew a Conclusion Review: Paper Wars HD

Once in a long while, there comes a game for an otherwise obtuse device that proves it capable of appealing to a community many would have initially suspected it was incapable of performing said task. For the iPad, titles l...   read

4:30 PM on 06.09.2011

Drew a Conclusion: Pulse

Music is always one of the few genres of games that have either been significantly underappreciated by a majority of the gaming community or created assembly line style only to be run into the ground by money hungry publish...   read

2:02 PM on 06.09.2011

E3 Approaches: Microsoft, A Potential Stumble

Watching Microsoft demonstrate what the world could expect from them, gaming-wise, between now and the next E3 is always an interesting proposition. For some, it’s fodder for their fan boy fueled hatred, while others discov...   read

1:35 PM on 05.05.2011

Mini-Games: A Torrid Affair

It was an unusually warm spring day as my brother, grandfather and I packed into a Champaign-colored Buick setting out on a road trip down to Florida to spend a week of spring break with family. Being nine, I had little int...   read

10:26 AM on 04.06.2010

XBLA Review: Scrap Metal

Fifteen years ago a small company called SingleTrac began designing a game that would be the delicious brainchild of the ever irrepressible David Jaffe and Scott Campbell and would change how we looked at racing and combat ...   read

11:35 AM on 03.03.2010

Toy Soldiers: A Surprise Attack of Fun

World War I was incorrectly labeled as, “The War to End All Wars”, but rightly so. It was when all the various technologies emerging at the turn of the century suddenly became used for warfare and while history buffs might ...   read

11:44 AM on 02.17.2010

Casual is the New 'Hardcore'

Gamers born in the 1980s have, for most of their lives, been playing electronic games as they’ve evolved into what we have today. While many abhor the use of labels to players such as ‘casual’ or ‘hardcore’, they still pers...   read

10:22 AM on 02.16.2010

Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond Lacks Humor; Disappoints

Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond Developer: Vicious Cycle Software Released: January 6, 2010 MSRP: 1200 MS Points / $15.00 Gamers growing up in the mid-eighties have finally aged to the point of being well positioned to ...   read

3:30 PM on 01.21.2010

Why I Game - Part I

We all have our reasons for gaming. Some play to escape the drudgery of an otherwise stressful day. Others might play because they want to enjoy the game as a work of art. Many do it just for the fun of it. But for me, I was ...   read

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