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Andrew Kauz avatar 11:43 PM on 03.25.2011  (server time)
State of the Cblogs Address from the new Big Boss

In the interest of your time and to save some tl;drs, Iíll start off today with a summary: Iím Andrew Kauz, and Iím your new Cblog Commander, Blog Boss, or whatever you want to call me. In any event, Iím taking over as the main cblog helper on staff. That means if youíre a community member, I work for you. If youíre reading this right now, then what I have to say next will absolutely apply to you, so I urge you to stick with me for just a while longer.

I know a lot of you arenít going to know who I am. Iíve missed two straight PAXs now, been gone from the front page for a few months, and kept myself insanely busy doing a lot of things that havenít been Destructoid. So, if youíre reading my name for the first time, hello. Itís a damn pleasure to meet you, and Iíll look forward to getting to know you over the next couple of months. As for me, you can call me Andrew, Kauza (like cause-uh), or whatever youíd like. I spent about a year blogging like a madman before I became a contributor here, and now Iím here to talk about community.

And, really, thatís enough about me. This post is really about you -- all of you. The community. The thing that defines, motivates, and simply makes Destructoid. The reason Iím here, the reason youíre here, and the reason any one of us is here. It is, was, and always will be about community.

A huge part of the community here has always been and will always be the community blogs. Many of the people on Destructoidís staff, including myself, got started simply by writing in the community blogs. We all loved writing and appreciated having people we liked read what we had to say. We thrived on an environment that was at once supportive and ruthless, letting us know when we were awesome, and relishing the opportunity to inform us of when we sucked.

As the blogs got bigger, they became more and more like a Republicanís dream economy: self-guided, self-sufficient, and everlasting. For the most part, all of this has remained true. Less and less direction is required to make sure that the blogs keep going, and if youíll notice, there are tons of great community podcasts (321GoCast, Zero Cool), community events (Friday Night Fights, NARPS, event meetups), community member interviews (HUGE shoutout to LawofThermalDynamics for doing this), monthly musings, and individual editorials that appear every day. Think for a second about how awesome that all is! There can be no doubt that this community is incredible.

Now, letís make everything even better.

Thatís my mission, and thatís why Iím taking over as Cblog Baron. Itís going to be my sole purpose at Destructoid to be the person who makes all of your cblogging dreams happen, making sure that you have everything you need to write the great blogs you want, and to make sure that no great blog ever goes unappreciated.

Thereís going to be a lot that Iíll be doing over the next few days, and weeks, but here are some highlights.

Monthly Musings: These are still going strong, so Jonathan Ross will be keeping the tradition going with some awesome new topics and a lot of promoted blogs. As an added bonus, these posts are going to be even more visible on the site, making them stand out just as a promoted community post should. If there are any questions or concerns with musings, Iíll always be willing to help.

General Promotions: Great blogs happen all the time, and we want to make sure weíre highlighting those. While we may not always have the front page real estate to get every awesome blog up, Iíll be highlighting a lot of blogs in various ways, from tweets to various posts around the site. Of course, for those especially awesome posts, weíll find a way to get them on the front page if it kills us.

Blogs of the Week: Each week, youíll see a post from me highlighting some of the best blogs of the week. Itíll be a set maximum each week, so if you see your blog here, youíll know itís among the best the site has to offer, and we want to make sure weíre giving you the readership that your awesomeness deserves.

Asking for It: Yeah, it seems simple, but here it is: We want your blogs. We always have. But what Iíd like to do is be more vocal in my want -- my demand -- for community participation. I have read so damn many great, rewarding, memorable blogs from people on this site that I canít bear to see their names empty from the list of blogs anymore. Donít be surprised if I start contacting you and asking you to write things -- it means that youíre awesome and we canít live without your thoughts anymore.

Featured Blogs: This may not happen for a while, but weíre looking into more ways to make sure that blogs that the community really likes are featured. This may be an extension of the fap system or something else entirely, but for the present, know that weíre trying to find the best way to make sure your work is easily visible to the full sum of the siteís readership.

More staff presence in blogs: Dtoid staff is busy. Making website is hard work. Still, the staff loves the community blogs just as much as anyone, and make no mistake that everyone on staff checks out those awesome blogs. But weíre all going to make an effort to make more comments, write more blogs, and generally do more community chilling. That awesome new chat function helps, too. As for specifics, Iíll plan to make an occasional blog thatíll address certain things about cblogging such as helpful tips, shoutouts to awesome bloggers, etc.

YOUR Resource: Iím making myself available as your resource for community blogging. Let me know what you need and Iíll get it done. Tips on formatting? Help with images? Wondering why your post didnít get promoted? Hit me up and weíll talk. It may be impossible, but itís my goal to know everyone in the community.

So, what now? First off, I want to give everyone here my email address: andrewkauz at destructoid dottycom. If you need anything from me, donít hesitate to contact me. Also, follow me on Twitter: @kauza. Iím going to be tweeting about a lot of awesome community stuff as well as being my usual charming self.

In particular, Iíd love to hear your suggestions for awesome community blogging ideas -- anything I can do to make your blogging experience better is fair game. I donít have magical powers, but I am willing to try everything else to make your wishes reality. Any suggestion is fair game, so go nuts.

You can also use me as a sort of help line for the blogs. Is your video not scaling right? Are you having trouble uploading images? Let me know and Iíll see what I can do to help. My schedule can suck on occasion, but Iíll try to get back to you ASAP.

Lastly, just feel free to email me to say hi. I have so many incredible friends thanks to this site, and I canít wait to have even more. The better I know each one of you, the better I am able to help you out, and the better youíll feel about blogging for the site. Win win.

All right. Iíve talked myself nearly into a coma and this fantastic Mothership Wit I have in front of me is making me feel a little happy, so Iím going to wrap things up for the evening by saying this: Welcome to the future of Cblogging on Destructoid. Itís going to be awesome.

PS: Did you read this promoted post about Half Life 2? Pretty damn good.

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