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Andrew Benton avatar 11:30 AM on 05.25.2008  (server time)
Today is my birthday and you are getting the gift. (The Return of the Epic Credit List)

Today is my birthday. Normally, a person receives gifts on their birthday but I am going to do things a little differently. I am going to give D-toid community something special. It is time for the return of the epic credit list.

Atheistium was just invited to any Indigo Girls concert over Xbox Live.

Ascythopicism is a lucky man

Butmac, goodbye and make sure to send me a postcard from Azeroth

Demios: No, I cannot get you Hideo Kojima's autograph.

DVD is more Sadistic than Mr. Sadistic. I mean Yaris, come on.

Phist: Epic banner is epic.

Rio and Suffocat: They are hot, spicy and taste great.

Tazar: Send him to Cancun, again and again and again and again and again and again.


Steel Squirrel: Why Bananas?

Superflossy:I can't thank you enough.

Snaileb: Uh, what happened to the contest?

Ronaldo Workmeng has the skills of an artist, at least.

Chad and CTZ get a lot of love for their favorite animals but where is the love for Orcist's Whales.


Topher: I wonder what an actual yardsale from him would be like.

Unstoppable Juggernaut can't beat me in Planet Puzzle League.




-D-: or the artist formerly known as d

aborto thefetus is on an epic journey to find out the identity of aborto themeatus

Lark Oliva: enjoys a good nostalgia trip.

Nick Chester: Roogoo

Casualweaponry: So cooool

Grim is a chainsaw manic.

Shin Oni: Really likes Persona 3 along with just about every member of this site.

Butterflies and Hurricanes:

Passionate Styos is a puzzled individual.

Dj Duffy:


Cheeburga stars in The Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig movie.

Gameboi, do you even own a 360 anymore?

Galagabug: I have to meet you one of these days.


Petie Pal:


Puppetpallmich: I don't know what to say.

Reaprar: You started this didn't you.


The Ghost: Pick a card, any card

Heretic: Boom!

Ashley Davis:

BFeld: I am gonna miss Scrubs too.

Conrad Zimmerman: Hang tough, you got less than two weeks left.

Chronosblade, I just entered the fail cafe Can I order the Matzo Ball soup

Clockwork: Still serial

Harassment Panda: Cries when a company leaves the ESA

Blindside Dork: It's spinning, It's spinning

GameGoblin: Shoop wunderkind

Genki Jam:

Necros: I am anticipating a drunken Rantoid.


CharlieSuh: is still and forever will be AZN

Yashoki: I wouldn't say the hottest

Dexter 345: NY owns LA

RockVillian: Stop pointing that gun at me.

Blehman: I looking forward to more of the nex...I mean current-gen version of Randomtoid.

Mr. Sadistic: Breaking Comment records at 100 CPH

Takeshi: really likes Pennywise

Evil Chad is a survivor.

Vexed Alex misses the halos

Pheonix Blood, I think Tazar's got a crush on you.

If you have any info on the possible whereabouts of Sadie G or Tristero, please contact Justice or Coonskin at (555) lostoid.

Tiff: Owner of Pillow Defense Industries; making the latest in pillow defense technology

Knives: I know, I know.

Aerox: I <3 Jessica Walter.

Hitigoroshi: AHHHHHHHHHHH!

John Holmes or Tron Knotts: Dtoid's Number 1 Nintendo Fan.

Wardrox: Seems to be in much happier mood than he is usually in.

Jim Sterling is OMG LOLZ.

Fronz: I will battle you to the death.

Kryptinite: Needs moar Burnout Paradise

JJ Rage: Respect Knuckles forever

Nintendoll: Not unlike this

Dan Gale: Where are you?

Free Touch is customizable with 5,000 parts.

Yojimbo: You are not one of the hottest men at Destructoid.

Neonie: Zap!

BahamutZero: The master of the one-sentence blog and has some pretty good video editing.

EternalDeathSlayer is great guy. Yeah, I know, shocking isn't it.

Gynecologist Cobra:


Quisling: Thank God you are off the WoW

Dead 247: isn't a “by the numbers” game

Savant: We need Miniboss Monday to continue.

njsykora: That bunny is a little misleading,

Jack of No Trades: You are a model citizen.

Drunkmunk: I think you like Grand Theft Auto, don't you

Arrested Developer: I really like your poems.
They really are funny.
I would pay you for your efforts.
But I have very little money.

Blank is David Hayter.

Agent Moo is in space.

Not a Zombie: If you aren't a Zombie, then what are you?

EternalDarkWing still can't connect for GTA multiplayer

Gamejew: Sing on

GuitarAtomik: I still <3 “I Kill Pixls”

Dale North: You could press the A button every once in while.

Rev: Keeping it Real

Angels Don't Burn: Good luck with the band, Migels

Sam Spectre: cue applause

Rorshach, we love you, you crazy republican

VWGTI: Misses Wiisucks every day.

Velcroman: Netscape>All other web browsers

Apple has the Mario Karts

ceark has skills of a great artist.

Teta drawing Destructoid is serious business

Riser Glen:

Cowzilla: Lincoln maybe leet but Millard Fillmore owns all.

Pro. Pew and Tino: facepalm, right back at ya.

Big Popa:

Mix: Apparently, he likes animal crackers

BuckFitches: Obviously, has not listened to Rollin' with the Homies yet.

Miss Hinisaki: The ultimate gender-bender.

MechaMonkey: Insert pirate joke here.

SuperBeefy: Bill Cosby rides a Jellocopter eating Jew Bagels

Zero Tolo: Scoops Forever

Jared Rea, Cheapy D, Hoff TV and Luc Bernard and to the many other gaming personalities: Thank you for contributing your incite to this amazing site.

A special thanks to Tuper Hardcore: With your trolling ways, you were able to unite the community in a way that no other person can. Thanks for bring members of the community closer together.

Last but not least: Wiisucks: You will always be, at least, 4 out of 10 Firetrucks in our heart and in our minds.

For the rest of the people here at D-Toid: You're the best.

and so on.

I want to thank everyone here at Destructoid for their companionship. It has been a blast getting to know you guys. I am deeply honored to be chosen as one of the leaders of the NY Group. I, unfortunately will not be able to attend to the Cinci Narp, despite how great it will be, I have a family engagement to attend to so I can't do two things at once. But, I will be meeting with a ton of people at PAX this year and that will be a blast. I can't wait for Labor Day Weekend, see you all there.

If you want to be on the list, leave a comment and I will update the list with more members.

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