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Andrew Benton avatar 11:08 PM on 05.12.2011
The Return of Late Night Lulz: Soundboards are cool and Space Cat's cousin

It has been way too long since these have been done, I have to bring it back. Let me explain about what Late Night Lulz was a blog series done by various Dtoiders of the past (mostly Electro Lemon did these) in which random videos were posted all for the purpose of attempting to entertain you, the viewer, during the late night grind.

Today's videos include the wondrous magic of celebrity soundboards they are used to troll some of the jerks of the COD: Blops scene.

The celebrities include Sam Jackson

Arnold Schwarzenegger

and Vin Diesel

Up next, we find out what it's like when memes collide.

Bonus video:
The greatest fighter of all time gets a highlight video with the most appropriate music ever.

Enjoy the videos.

Also, if anyone else wants to do a late light lulz, go ahead. Just make sure no one else done one for that day and try to post it during the late evening in the US time zones.

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