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Andrew Benton avatar 7:21 PM on 05.18.2011  (server time)
A proper bio for Samit Sarkar

As some of you may have noticed, the Dtoid Staff have gotten a special biography and picture attached to the end of their articles. Unfortunately, the bio of Samit Sarkar is horribly inaccurate.

"Samit Sarkar is a founding Destructoid editor and go-to Sports guy. Samit was the son of the Duke of Knees, rescued from a burning village in the afghan desert by a golden condor. He is an ace Backgammon player and lost both legs in a whaling tour. He lives for free in a nursery in Scotland where he teaches monks how to capture butterflies without hurting them."

Don't worry, Dtoiders. I have a correct and accurate bio that Dtoid can use anytime they want.

Samit Sarkar is a sport fanatic (although he hates collegiate athletics) and video-gamer writer. He is a pilot by day, flying the only bomber with advanced technology straight from the Bronx. Samit can be found in New York City at night working with Yogi Berra to make green robots that think for themselves. Samit is, also, a war vet with experience in the Great Cakester Battle of 2008, Console Wars of 2005, Grammar War 3 in 2010 and the Rock N Roll Revolution of 1975. He honors the sacrifices that his comrades make everyday by popping his collar once for every fellow fallen solider that he has fought along side with. Mr. Sarkar has a background in espionage as well. He uses aliases such as CakesterFan007, Bronxbomber 20, and Firebolt 11. We honor this great American hero everyday by celebrating his birthday, so don't forget to show him the respect he deserves, fellow Dtoiders.

So much better. Happy Birthday Samit.

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