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Andrew Godsey's blog

8:07 PM on 08.15.2012

Half-Life 3 Tee, vote for it plz, kthanx.

Yeah, so maybe it's been awhile and I've been a slacker, but lately my life has gotten less full of shit. I've even done ONE video review since my first one, and made a drunken fool of myself making a vinyl application how-...   read

10:05 PM on 06.14.2011

Destructoid's partnership with Glyde: A review

No, no, no, I'm not going to be judging D-Toid's decision to partner with Glyde, this is only a business experiment with Glyde. I saw the contest and I figured I'd look at their stock. It was pretty impressive, most everyth...   read

12:57 PM on 06.04.2011

Steam Sales of the Past: VVVVVV

Full Review will come later.   read

10:50 PM on 06.03.2011

Free PSN Game errors running rampant

Its totally your fault, Playstation, you should have allocated more bandwidth. It seems the sudden rush of people clamoring for their free PSN titles has caused more problems for Sony. When I went to download my free copy ...   read

1:05 PM on 02.25.2009

Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer?

Sorry, this isn't a scoop, just more of an open forum The time has finally come and there were a few nay-sayers that said it couldn't/shouldn't be done, but I already feel like Capcom has got another hit on its way. T...   read

12:37 PM on 10.31.2008

Halloween: Watchmen Edition

Some people know me as Ash as I have been for the past two years, but a few months ago I finally read Watchmen and it only got me more excited for the movie coming March 6th. I aslo decided to get the jump on all the nerds...   read

1:21 PM on 10.29.2008

High Velocity Bowling now has an Online mode!

I know its been like this for a while, but I just found out the other day. It also has Trophys now, but only for online games. Am I the only one excited about this?   read

5:31 PM on 08.13.2008

Runner-Up a win nonetheless

Remember that Mushroom Men writing contest for the Wii? Well it ended a while back and I was emailed a few days ago from the Space Squid editors that I had won, not the grand prize,(wii)but a reward for my scribe-work woul...   read

12:48 PM on 07.17.2008

The E3 game 'em, or hate 'em?

When I see the beginnings of a promising game, be it in the pages of EGM or the blogs of D-toid; I tend to keep a keen eye trained on them in order to see which direction they may head. More than anything I hate seeing a gam...   read

9:28 PM on 07.03.2008


So in this contest...I may have gotten carried away; but if The-Excel has proven anything, excess will get you everywhere. This basically just started out as picking one picture, but ending up loving them all, and having mo...   read

1:08 PM on 04.10.2008

Uwe Boll is THE ONLY Genius

I realize this doesnt have a direct link to videogames and someone may have posted a similar article already but, my god...someone needs to shoot this guy. Seriously. This Schwarzenegger wannabe is a travestry to the video...   read

12:55 PM on 03.20.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

This is my sad implosion of a compter. I'm just glad it held out long enough to play the Orange Box.... My computer had been a loyal companion of mine that I had built about two years ago for under 800$. Until about six ...   read

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