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Andrew Godsey's blog

8:07 PM on 08.15.2012

Half-Life 3 Tee, vote for it plz, kthanx.

Yeah, so maybe it's been awhile and I've been a slacker, but lately my life has gotten less full of shit.
I've even done ONE video review since my first one, and made a drunken fool of myself making a vinyl application how-to video and its abhorrent outtakes video.

More to the point.
Saw the leak about the possible Half-Life 3 announcement.
Decided to make a completely uninspired shirt in homage and submit to
It has now been accepted for voting.
Now I just need some of my mortal enemies (you) to go and vote for it if you like it.
If you don't, I won't blame you, because that Death Star shirt is way more clever than my design.
Anyways, if you tell me to eat shit, then right back up yours.
Thank you kindly: Impatient Savior   read

10:05 PM on 06.14.2011

Destructoid's partnership with Glyde: A review

No, no, no, I'm not going to be judging D-Toid's decision to partner with Glyde, this is only a business experiment with Glyde. I saw the contest and I figured I'd look at their stock. It was pretty impressive, most everything I looked up they had available. Not only that but usually about 5 bucks cheaper than any Gamestop would have it listed at, and that's after shipping.

Another cool thing they do is give you different options in the quality department. They had a scale of "Brand New," "Excellent," and "Good." The closer to "Good" you get, the less you spend. Another odd thing I noticed was that PS3 games tended to be cheaper than 360's.

As for selling games/ trade in credit, when I compared their offer for Army of Two for PS3 to Amazon's trade in value, it actually wasn't that promising. I thought amazon's offer was bleak, but its actually not much worse. For an "Excellent" copy of Army of Two, I'm looking at $3. That's only one more that amazon. Later on I did end up listing a few and the next morning had orders for two of them. Once all is said and done, I will have gotten 4 times the amount your big name game shop would offer me. It seems like its not so much the age of the game that matters, but the popularity.

Now I know I'm going to get hell for the subject of my test purchase, but if you are one of those 15-year-olds playing Guitar Hero and actually believe you can play the guitar, you aren't allowed to talk shit. Its the same concept except everyone that plays it will inevitably look like a jackass and I can laugh at their expense. I had been looking around for it recently and Glyde had a cheap "Brand New" copy of it, so I chose Yoostar 2. After seeing Kevin Smith as the Terminator, I had to give it a look.

June 6, 2011
Sitting @ work bored
New contest, have to sell my games. No wai, bro.
Taking a chance, ordering Yoostar 2. Good price, cheap shipping.
Planning on getting drunk and telling Morpheus "there is no spoon."
Should have it by next Tuesday...

June 7, 2011
Checking emails, saw that I had sold Prototype and Mass Effect.
Will be ending up with over 8 bucks a pop.
The mailers should come later this week.

June 13, 2011
Got my last shipping envelope along with my brand new copy of Yoostar 2.
Overall, I really love this service.
The only drawback is that if you get multiple shipping envelopes at once (I got 3)
you need to open them, put the game in, and seal it one at a time.
There are no packing slips in the envelopes.
I accidentally opened the first two and noticed that the shipping envelopes themselves
didn't have the name of the game listed on the label like the envelope it came in did.
Other than that little over-sight, it's a great service and you definitely can get your money's worth on most games.

12:57 PM on 06.04.2011

Steam Sales of the Past: VVVVVV


Full Review will come later.   read

10:50 PM on 06.03.2011

Free PSN Game errors running rampant

Its totally your fault, Playstation, you should have allocated more bandwidth. It seems the sudden rush
of people clamoring for their free PSN titles has caused more problems for Sony.
When I went to download my free copy of inFamous (which I hadn't played yet)
I received error code "80710D36" and my 1st Free Game voucher disappeared along with inFamous.
I was probably about the 768,000th person to have this occur, but have found a solution thanks to AlphaAlec45 on the YouTubes.

If you've had the same issue, AlphaAlec45 and I hope this helps.   read

1:05 PM on 02.25.2009

Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer?

Sorry, this isn't a scoop, just more of an open forum

The time has finally come and there were a few nay-sayers that said it couldn't/shouldn't be done, but I already feel like Capcom has got another hit on its way. The first trailer we've gotten is a tease from hell, but what interested me the most is the freakin' Atlus Sphere you see for 1.27 seconds in the trailer.

Anyways, to the point: a co-worker and I (who I recently forced to play the first Dead Rising) had a conversation about how fun it would be for the sequel to have some online mulitplayer modes a-la L4D, and maybe even a "build your own survivor" mode. So, my question to all is, if Dead Rising 2 had a mutliplayer mode, what game types would you like to see? Go crazy, get creative, I'm just interested in everyone's ideas.   read

12:37 PM on 10.31.2008

Halloween: Watchmen Edition

Some people know me as Ash as I have been for the past two years, but a few months ago I finally read Watchmen and it only got me more excited for the movie coming March 6th. I aslo decided to get the jump on all the nerds that'll be doing it next year (a'la the Joker this year) and do Rorschach for my costume this Halloween. As many of you know, Rorschach is basically the main pro/antagonist of the Watchmen story and wears a mask that resembles an inkblot test. So D-Toid asked and I will is my attempt at a costume this year. I'll post the new Rorschach-heavy trailer for those fellow nerd who haven't seen it yet.

BeHind yoU.
.l l.

[embed]109845:15583[/embed]   read

1:21 PM on 10.29.2008

High Velocity Bowling now has an Online mode!

I know its been like this for a while, but I just found out the other day. It also has Trophys now, but only for online games. Am I the only one excited about this?   read

5:31 PM on 08.13.2008

Runner-Up a win nonetheless

Remember that Mushroom Men writing contest for the Wii? Well it ended a while back and I was emailed a few days ago from the Space Squid editors that I had won, not the grand prize,(wii)but a reward for my scribe-work would be due. About an hour ago they said that the runners-up are getting a Gamecock Media game of their choice, and a Les Claypool signed Mushroom Men poster. That and the six(5?) runners up along with the winner will have their stories all featured and that they want a headshot....haha. Well that part sucks. Now I'm just curious as to who else were runners-up and who actually won?(and if they were even d-toiders) Congrats to all who placed, and here's my entry....which in retrospect isn't really that good. Bahaha, and yes there is a refrence to LOST and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in there.

Roger Works, Man
a short story by
Andrew Godsey

Roger Workman was a normal man of normal beliefs and normal stature. He was single, mostly due to his horrible hygiene habits which had resulted in an awful case of Tinea Pedis (commonly known as Athlete’s Foot) which he had been suffering from for years. He woke each morning, got ready for his dead-end job in furniture sales, prepared a bowl of cereal, and watched the morning news. This morning was different.

He turned to channel 7 to a computer-rendered model of a meteor, the one the scientists said would arrive sometime last night, but Roger had forgotten all about it.
Initially, everyone in the NASA community said it would miss the earth and be mostly harmless, but in the night as it was supposed to pass harmlessly by, something peculiar happened. NASA had missed something, or kept it quiet because they didn’t know what to do about it. It was actually grabbed by Earth’s gravity and pulled down to the surface. As it fell it seemed to be glowing green in the moonlight, only it wasn’t emitting green radiation. It was actually spewing an alarming amount of an unknown gas into the Earth’s atmosphere and after the surprisingly uneventful initial impact of the meteor, had spread globally in the air currents. The general community had been alarmed in the early morning hours while Roger slept, but the authorities were already stating on channel 7 that the gas was “completely harmless.” Hearing this, Roger shrugged off the strangeness of the situation, finished his cereal, and finished getting ready for furniture sales.

The day before, Roger had finally invested in a topical treatment spray for his pedal fungal infection. He had seen it a few times on commercials being endorsed by a famous sports-caster. Today, Roger had planned on changing his routine for the better, and a green-gas-spewing meteor wasn’t about to change that. He walked to the bathroom and grabbed the sealed pharmacy package, ripped it open and removed the first step in his cure to the “Single Disorder” as he called it.

For months Roger had been planning on changing his ways; better hygiene, better cologne, a nicer house away from the ‘burbs, a cooler job, no more athlete’s foot, and hopefully, a pretty girlfriend to boot. This plan stemmed from a disastrous evening out with friends where he attempted to open a conversation with a lovely woman in her late twenties with “What did you think of the new release of Steel Cog Liquid 4: Weapons of the Patriot Act?” Needless to say that was the beginning AND the end of the conversation. As mentioned, the fungal treatment was step one. Should it be step two and he got a girlfriend sooner than expected, Roger feared that his feet would run the poor girl off.
“Shake well, apply to affected area, do not swallow” were the directions on the bottle. Roger shook it and his feet seemed to tremble: a sensation similar to a lack of blood flow to his feet like dull pins and needles. He stopped and examined his feet fearing he would pay for all those years of fast food with some odd sort of mini-stroke that maybe, in this case, affected only his feet. His feet were fine; they had stopped trembling when he stopped shaking the bottle. Roger aimed the bottle between his toes, and sprayed.
His foot jerked in an awkward side-swipe manner and made a sneeze-like sound. Then, without warning or command from Roger he started to walk out of the room in a zombie-like stride. “This is it, I’m having a stroke” Roger thought, but he couldn’t recall ever hearing of strokes involving hallucinations. His feet carried him to the front door and kicked it until he felt that his toes may start to bleed at any moment. In a confused stupor feeling that the pain meant that this was all really happening and that he was about to break a toe, Roger swung open his front door revealing a shocking sight.

Mushrooms. They were everywhere on his front lawn screaming at each-other in miniature mumbling gibberish. They appeared to be waging a sort of ancient-looking battle using blades of grass and small twigs as rudimentary weaponry. Roger could only think of how changing his life for the better probably won’t be so easy anymore. After all, he obviously wouldn’t be going to work that day, or meeting any nice girls for that matter. His feet and their Tinea Pedis had just become the Amanitas’ secret weapon.   read

12:48 PM on 07.17.2008

The E3 game 'em, or hate 'em?

When I see the beginnings of a promising game, be it in the pages of EGM or the blogs of D-toid; I tend to keep a keen eye trained on them in order to see which direction they may head. More than anything I hate seeing a game that has a solid premise and innovative gameplay turn sour before it hits the shelves. Recently via E3, several of these titles I have been watching for a time have been flooding the 'nets with new information and trailers. Some of these: EXCITING. Others:no so much.... Read on if your interested in how E3 has changed my take on some of these titles.

Gears of War 2

To me really, its just more of the same. I'm not saying that's bad mind you. I mean the extra stuff they are showing in their sequel looks much more innovative than Bungie ever did with those Halo sequels. I just can't wait to see what kind of messes Marcus will get himself into this time.
Excitement level: 8.5/10


This one has lost some of my faith....especially after seeing the last trailer last relied mostly on clips from the movies. Admittedly, I was a little excited by the actual gameplay footage and I thought it looked surprisingly scary in some places. I will admit I will want to play this game no matter what simply because it is basically the Ghostbusters III that never quite made it....just minus Chris Farley for some reason. I think its awesome that all the original Ghostbusters are back, but it would have been cooler with Rick Moranis [i]back too. Really, when all is said and done, this is still a movie franchise game.
Excitement level: 4/10[/i]

Dead Space

Ok, now this game I am more pumped than ever about! The graphics,
the innovations, the sheer TERROR. Its looking to me like one
of the best horror games to be released in the last 5 years.
Excitement level: 10/10

I Am Alive

Honestly, I had not heard about this until a few days ago, but I had to
mention it. Again, promising premise, but in the trailer I've seen, there
was only pre-rendered video. Just a little explanation of the story, and no
gameplay mechanics or the like. It looks fun, but since it's Ubisoft, all I'm
anticipating is a LOST the game 2....and not to scare anyone, but I actually did
design a gobo for "LOST in 2.0"....whatever the hell that is.
Excitement level: 6/10

Left 4 Dead

Been watching this for a good while, like many of you, I'm sure. Its been delayed
and delayed, but the slowly streaming in information and screenshots look really
promising, especially with all the talk of this "director" AI....sounds like a
lot of fun. Old truths apply here, a delayed game is more promising than a rushed game.
Excitement level: 7/10

Resident Evil 5

Capcom just keeps bringin' the funk. Haha, with word of a co-op mode ala Army of Two, any hesitations I may have had dissolved once I saw it's gameplay. I don't think a Resident Evil game can fail, because the gameplay and stories are always so fresh.
Excitement level: 9/10

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy...a franchise I have been devoted to since part 7. Once I played through 12,
however, I vowed to never buy an FF game on release ever again. Now, however, after seeing the new trailer announcing it for the 360, I may be attracted to my favorite series
once more. This time around it just looks like its going back to the part 8 kind of world, which was my 2nd fave next to 7. Maybe its just me, but 9 was bull$#it, and 11 was "hey lets go MMORPG," and 12's story just didn't reel me in. So, my interest in this game has sky-rocketed.
Excitement level: 8/10

Last Remnant

New trailer hasn't changed my opinion in any direction.....awesome developers=awesome game. Not to mention those visuals.
Excitement level: 9/10

Force Unleashed

Haven't seen a whole lot from E3 really on this one, but what I have seen looks
incredible. Aside from a somewhat klunky looking physics engine, I don't see any
problems with this one. I'm glad were done with all the goody-goody Star Wars
games we've had to suffer through the past few years. Maybe now we'll have an explaination of why Jedi's can levitate themselves with the force in games, but seemingly they just don't consider about it in the movies...
Excitement level: 8/10

Mirror's Edge

The first time I saw a trailer for this, I just thought "Great, a game version of that terrible UltraViolet movie." but the more and more trailers I see, the more I wanna play it and be an Urban Ninja.
Excitement level: 8.5/10


Ok, another one I had no idea about, but the water effects made me salivate a bit.
So yeah, A.W.S.M.O.
Excitement level: 6/10

Prince of Persia

I initially hated the idea of a rebooted Prince of Persia, but after watching the new
trailer for the first time, my mind is changed. I'm loving the new look, even though
i was kinda iffy about the cell-shading. It really just looks like a fun, interactive
comic-book. Even the chick side-kick is pretty sweet, and the idea that you never technically die is pretty interesting too. This will probably be the first cell-shaded game I
ever purchase.
Excitement level: 8/10

Where are these games this E3???

Splinter Cell: Conviction???

Alan Wake???


City of Metronome???


I guess all-in-all I'm pretty excited about all the info coming out of E3.
Now I'm off to a midnight screening of Dark Knight. If you're as big a nerd as me, I hope to see you there.   read

9:28 PM on 07.03.2008


So in this contest...I may have gotten carried away; but if The-Excel has proven anything, excess will get you everywhere. This basically just started out as picking one picture, but ending up loving them all, and having more and more ideas. So now I find myself trying to put these in some sort of..."order." Some are cliche', some are retarded, some I put a lot of thought into and love(Stephen Hawking). Yes these are all mine, and yes I am mentally impaired. I used the superman pics at first because of the similarities between the superman mythology and DBZ....enjoy


1:08 PM on 04.10.2008

Uwe Boll is THE ONLY Genius

I realize this doesnt have a direct link to videogames and someone may have posted a similar article already but, my god...someone needs to shoot this guy.

This Schwarzenegger wannabe is a travestry to the videogaming community
he has created videogame adaptations that literally make you want to rip your eyes out:

1. House of The Dead (clips of the actual game in the movie)
2. Alone in the Dark (.....changed story)
3. BloodRayne (does anyone care?)
4. In the Name of the King: A DUNGEON SEIGE Tale
(Seriously....Dungeon Seige? Does anyone remember the D&D movie???)
5. Postal (see trailer below...)
6. BloodRayne II (the rest are in production, but are obviously bad)
7. Far Cry (again, watch the trailer)
8. Alone in the Dark II

and other just teribble movies in general.

Recently someone started an online "Stop Uwe Boll" petition. He has publicly stated that he will leave the business forever if it reaches One Million signatures.
Now hes being a cocky mother and asking someone to start a "Pro-Boll" petition and slanderizing Eli Roth and Michael Bay......W...T....F....?

So anyways, Im just asking people to sign this petition, whether or not you now what the hell it is Im rambling about. Please just do it, this man could very well become the next Hitler. Just watch the video and you should automatically develop a personal hatred for this man. Youll find the link after the videos:....and here, bahaha

Making an ass of himself:

Being made an ass of:


poor poor FarCry....

Stop Dr. Uwe Boll   read

12:55 PM on 03.20.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

This is my sad implosion of a compter. I'm just glad it held out long enough to play the Orange Box.... My computer had been a loyal companion of mine that I had built about two years ago for under 800$. Until about six months ago that is, when I deciced to try and upgrade it with a SATA drive. This was the first upgrade since I had finished building it and I had no experience with SATA. Yes, I only plugged in one power cable and data cable, I did do my research. But somehow I could never get it to work, and then when I tried to go back to the old hard drive, the pins in the back had broken....awesome right? So I take it to my IT guy at work, and he finally gets the sata to work in time for the Orange Box....but shortly after it fried again....I don't remember why because I just stopped caring. So here I am begging for a new setup.
here's what was in it originally:

Random no-longer-made ASUS motherboard
2.1 gig AMD CPU
160 Hitatchi HD
1 gb Ram
NVidia N-Force for graphics
and the new hd was a... wow...i dont remember but it was like 250 gb and devil SATA(N)   read

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