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[REAL NAME] Steve Perry
[LOCATION] Fort Wayne, Indiana
[AGE] 28
[EDUCATION] Associates Degree in Graphic Design
[OCCUPATION] Graphic Artist at Apollo Design
[BIO] Photographer, Cynic, Movie Hound, Father, Graphic Designer, Nerd, Asshole, Gamer, Comma Lover.

I review the occasional daily Steam Sale game, but only when they capture my interest. (deal with it) I have a job and two kids, so it ain't easy. I buy and try the game at lunch, post my "3 minutes o' playtime" and go back to work. When I get home, I play it for an hour or two if its worth my time, and write a more in-depth review. My review scale is based on price. I tell you how much in my opinion it is worth and how much of a deal it really was to purchase at the sale price. I'm not a fan of games lacking story otherwise known as "life," so that pretty much rules out shmups, puzzles, racers, and fighters, although I have been known to make an acception.
I am however, a massive fan of FPS', Survival Horror and the occasional RPG.

I am primarily a PC gamer obviously, but I do dabble in the PS3. I have disowned the 360 since it RRoD'ed for the 3rd time. It is now sitting on my mantle in shame.
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Yeah, so maybe it's been awhile and I've been a slacker, but lately my life has gotten less full of shit.
I've even done ONE video review since my first one, and made a drunken fool of myself making a vinyl application how-to video and its abhorrent outtakes video.

More to the point.
Saw the leak about the possible Half-Life 3 announcement.
Decided to make a completely uninspired shirt in homage and submit to
It has now been accepted for voting.
Now I just need some of my mortal enemies (you) to go and vote for it if you like it.
If you don't, I won't blame you, because that Death Star shirt is way more clever than my design.
Anyways, if you tell me to eat shit, then right back up yours.
Thank you kindly: Impatient Savior

No, no, no, I'm not going to be judging D-Toid's decision to partner with Glyde, this is only a business experiment with Glyde. I saw the contest and I figured I'd look at their stock. It was pretty impressive, most everything I looked up they had available. Not only that but usually about 5 bucks cheaper than any Gamestop would have it listed at, and that's after shipping.

Another cool thing they do is give you different options in the quality department. They had a scale of "Brand New," "Excellent," and "Good." The closer to "Good" you get, the less you spend. Another odd thing I noticed was that PS3 games tended to be cheaper than 360's.

As for selling games/ trade in credit, when I compared their offer for Army of Two for PS3 to Amazon's trade in value, it actually wasn't that promising. I thought amazon's offer was bleak, but its actually not much worse. For an "Excellent" copy of Army of Two, I'm looking at $3. That's only one more that amazon. Later on I did end up listing a few and the next morning had orders for two of them. Once all is said and done, I will have gotten 4 times the amount your big name game shop would offer me. It seems like its not so much the age of the game that matters, but the popularity.

Now I know I'm going to get hell for the subject of my test purchase, but if you are one of those 15-year-olds playing Guitar Hero and actually believe you can play the guitar, you aren't allowed to talk shit. Its the same concept except everyone that plays it will inevitably look like a jackass and I can laugh at their expense. I had been looking around for it recently and Glyde had a cheap "Brand New" copy of it, so I chose Yoostar 2. After seeing Kevin Smith as the Terminator, I had to give it a look.

June 6, 2011
Sitting @ work bored
New contest, have to sell my games. No wai, bro.
Taking a chance, ordering Yoostar 2. Good price, cheap shipping.
Planning on getting drunk and telling Morpheus "there is no spoon."
Should have it by next Tuesday...

June 7, 2011
Checking emails, saw that I had sold Prototype and Mass Effect.
Will be ending up with over 8 bucks a pop.
The mailers should come later this week.

June 13, 2011
Got my last shipping envelope along with my brand new copy of Yoostar 2.
Overall, I really love this service.
The only drawback is that if you get multiple shipping envelopes at once (I got 3)
you need to open them, put the game in, and seal it one at a time.
There are no packing slips in the envelopes.
I accidentally opened the first two and noticed that the shipping envelopes themselves
didn't have the name of the game listed on the label like the envelope it came in did.
Other than that little over-sight, it's a great service and you definitely can get your money's worth on most games.

Full Review will come later.
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Its totally your fault, Playstation, you should have allocated more bandwidth. It seems the sudden rush
of people clamoring for their free PSN titles has caused more problems for Sony.
When I went to download my free copy of inFamous (which I hadn't played yet)
I received error code "80710D36" and my 1st Free Game voucher disappeared along with inFamous.
I was probably about the 768,000th person to have this occur, but have found a solution thanks to AlphaAlec45 on the YouTubes.

If you've had the same issue, AlphaAlec45 and I hope this helps.

Sorry, this isn't a scoop, just more of an open forum

The time has finally come and there were a few nay-sayers that said it couldn't/shouldn't be done, but I already feel like Capcom has got another hit on its way. The first trailer we've gotten is a tease from hell, but what interested me the most is the freakin' Atlus Sphere you see for 1.27 seconds in the trailer.

Anyways, to the point: a co-worker and I (who I recently forced to play the first Dead Rising) had a conversation about how fun it would be for the sequel to have some online mulitplayer modes a-la L4D, and maybe even a "build your own survivor" mode. So, my question to all is, if Dead Rising 2 had a mutliplayer mode, what game types would you like to see? Go crazy, get creative, I'm just interested in everyone's ideas.
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Some people know me as Ash as I have been for the past two years, but a few months ago I finally read Watchmen and it only got me more excited for the movie coming March 6th. I aslo decided to get the jump on all the nerds that'll be doing it next year (a'la the Joker this year) and do Rorschach for my costume this Halloween. As many of you know, Rorschach is basically the main pro/antagonist of the Watchmen story and wears a mask that resembles an inkblot test. So D-Toid asked and I will is my attempt at a costume this year. I'll post the new Rorschach-heavy trailer for those fellow nerd who haven't seen it yet.

BeHind yoU.
.l l.

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