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6:04 PM on 12.18.2009

Microsoft wants to make you feel ashamed.

Further proof that wacky ol' company Microsoft wants to harvest your soul, they have registered a patent ( ) that can read your physical, emotional and mental attributes so that it can create an avatar in your likeness.

So, lets say you're a fat middle aged man with a neckbeard still living with your parents. MS will create a likeness of that! It'll make smack talking easier as well. That's the only positive I can think of. Nothing good can come of this.   read

2:32 PM on 11.21.2009

Practice what you preach.

I'm not much of a PC gamer. Yes, I may not know how to build a computer from scratch, or how to mod, or host servers, but what matters is is that I am a gamer period. In regards to the whole Modern Warfare 2 fiasco for the PC, I wanna give my two cents.

I think it was a bullshit move on IW's part. All they saw were dollar signs and nothing more when they were asked (or threatened) to make a sequel to a sequel. They didn't even care if the game was just a rehash with a few new guns, perks and tweaks. As long as it sold a sextillion tons of copies, they were happy.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think Activision had a huge influence on what IW did with Modern Warfare 2. They probably sent Activision reps to the IW development studios to make sure the game was going to release on time and make a profit. Notice how I left out making sure the game was good, gad a decent length, that it was balanced, etc. Despite what you may have heard, there will probably be another Call of Duty next year. It's Activision, for Christs sake!

(this picture never gets old ....)

Now onto IW basically taking complete control of what gamers can play and cannot play. Great way to alienate the core fanbase, eh? You see, when PC gamers are given the option to build maps, control servers and mod the gameplay to their will, that tends to give the game a longer lifespan. Thanks to IW, now that they have taken away dedicated servers, the lifespan of Modern Warfare 2 will be severely short since there's only so much the gamer can do.

Finally, about the people who boycotted Modern Warfare 2 yet bought it anyway ........ really? Are you all THAT spineless? Did you feel obligated to buy it? You had a choice on sticking it to IW and telling them you wouldn't buy their console port, but bought it anyway. No one was holding a gun to your head! Yes, I know there are some PC gamers and console gamers alike (like this one) that decided to not buy it or bought it and decided to try to mod the hell out of it anyway, and for that I congratulate them. For the rest, practice what you preach.   read

8:36 PM on 11.06.2009

What goes around, comes around ....

Something has been bothering me about this generation of gaming. It's not the sequels, the over-hype, or the general spoiled attitude of the general gaming populace. It's the scummy, backhanded rape of the consumer caused by the big companies that almost run this industry. For example, Activision raising the price on Modern Warfare 2 and trying to basically manipulate the online community to see if it can squeeze more buck from the community's bang. As wrong as that last sentence sounded, I fear this trend is continuing into other companies. Another good example is Capcom and Resident Evil 5. Not even a month after releasing that game, Capcom decides to release a multiplayer "add-on." I have a good feeling that they just released it a month later so they can make a bit of extra money.

As we all know, this isn't a recent trend. Once companies found out about downloadable content, micropayments and the online stores MS and Sony were launching, dollar signs appeared in their eyes. They immediately thought, "More ways to make money!" which is fine to me, as long as the money I spend is worth it. Then, they started getting greedy .....

They thought "Say, instead of having the players unlock costumes as a reward for beating the game, why don't we just charge them instead?" So they knowingly withhold content from the game to make extra cash. To me, that is the biggest insult you can make to the consumer. It's basically saying "You're stupid enough to buy this crap!" Unfortunately, there are people out there actually buying horse armor, costumes, gamer pictures, and avatar clothes as we speak.

I really have no problem with downloadable content. I think they're a great way to add life to a video game, as long as it is worth the price. Expansion packs for RPGs (Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, etc.), multiplayer maps with bonus game modes and Xbox Live Arcade games are probably the only things worth buying on the Marketplace.

The faults that these companies are making are going to bite them in the ass very soon. With ten dollar map-packs, avatar clothes, alienation of consumers, and overpricing of the companies products, people are going to stop buying games and start going outside. It's 1983 all over again and Modern Warfare 2 may be our E.T.   read

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