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by several sources:

There's some Capcom annoucement floating around somewhere - I'm sure it'll hit the Destructoid homepage shortly.

Just finished Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. What a good game! Solid puzzles, great controls, fantastic use of items, and great boss battles. It easily met, and exceeded my expectations. Further thoughts on it to come tomorrow.

In an interview with 1up, Akitoshi Kawazu of SquareEnix talks about the world of Ivalice (the setting for FFXII/Reventant Wings, FF Tactics) and reveals the possibility of a Vagrant Story port heading to PSP.

"1UP: Since you guys recently renovated and recreated the original Final Fantasy Tactics, it stands to reason that the only outstanding title in the Ivalice mythology --- Vagrant Story -- would be the next logical port to PSP, and we can't even imagine what sort of treatment you could give that game as you did with War Of The Lions. Can you tell us if you have plans for that game?

Kawazu: Vagrant Story was a title that pushed the PS one to its limits. The technical hurdles in porting it to the PSP would be extremely high. Of course, I think it's the next natural candidate for such an update, and there's no denying its extreme popularity overseas."

While that is not a definite confirmation or even a hint that they are working on it, one could easily assume it it something they are going to work on at some point, especially when you look at Square's recent remake/port-happy release schedule.

The first post in what will, hopefully, be periodic updates on my experience with my new PSP Slim. So far I've been very impressed with it; using the system's menu is extremely intuitive - icons are clearly labeled and moving through them is easy - just use the D-pad to scroll through them.

Having just set up a wireless network in my apartment, one of the first things I tried out was the PSP's internet browser. Getting the PSP to work with my wireless network was painless and in no time I was checking out the PSP "homepage". The PSP homepage is pretty damn nice - it has a good ammount of PSP info that is easily accessible, including game demos, industry interviews, trailers, and a bunch of other stuff.

The game demos were the real draw of the site and now that I've experienced it, this is now something I wish Nintendo's DS had (WiFi demos you can get from the web, not just from download station in stores). There are only a handful of demos, but hopefully (a lot) more will be added as time goes on as being able to try out games is a fantastic feature.

The first demo I downloaded was LocoRoco. The download only took one or two minutes (about an 8mb file) and after it downloaded and installed, I was experiencing the sugar-sweet world of LocoRoco.

I was very impressed by LocoRoco. Despite only being able to play the one demo level, I can see why people went crazy over it. The game is a super-cute platformer featuring singing blobs that has a great visual style.

Since I'm still plugging through Phantom Hourglass and Pokemon Pearl, I didn't want to start Daxter yet, but hopefully in the next week I'll get a good chance to get into it and get some good impressions on what gaming on the PSP is like.

Saw this last night at my local Walmart:

The funny thing is, it wasn't even in the video game section of the store, it was over with the DVDs (yes I know both of those are in the electronics section, but they are on opposite sides of it in the store I was in). Still, its pretty nice looking, but unless you knew what the game was this display would tell you absolutely nothing about the game.

Straight from Team NINJA boss, Tomonobu Itagaki:

"Right now we're looking at an overall playtime of about four hours or so for a single play through. This is something I've put a lot of thought into. At first I wanted to make it 15 hours long or something like that. But then I realized it'd be better to approach it as the kind of game you'd want to go through multiple times."


"One method to motivate people to continue to play will be the leaderboards; [playing] to try and get a higher score and ranking. Another thing is that we think we have something that's really fun to play. We want to take the way the game feels and take it to a narcotic level. You know how DOA is fun to play even if you lose? Because it's just fun to control the characters -- we want to take Dragon Sword to that level, so you feel like you just don't want to put it down."

I can't say I agree with this idea... playing through the same levels over and over again just improve your rank on a leaderboard? Even if the game is the funnest thing ever, playing through the same levels repeatedly sounds very unappealing. I don't know about you, but that 15 hour game he mentioned sounds pretty sweet right now.

(quotes via 1up)