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I'm a 30 year old gamer from Kansas City, Missouri who primarily plays console games. I've been abusing controllers since I was 5, when I got my NES. Since I'm too old to have teenage fanboy angst, I have game systems from all three of the major players, plus a PC that I play a few older games and some Steam games on. because C-Blogs are more for stories/opinion pieces/editorials, I'll leave my more personal musings over at
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I should really title it "how my brothers got me into an expensive ass hobby", but shorter is sweeter I suppose. My fascination with games started sometime in the mid Eighties, before we moved to where we are now back in 1987. My earliest memory about videogames was wanting to play Atari with my two older brothers and being shuffled off to bed by my mother. Then with my parent's divorce in 87 and us moving and me starting school in a harsh neighborhood, I needed something to help take my mind off things.

For my 5th Birthday in August that year, my brother Scott gave me his NES, the very one I had been drooling over a year prior. He didn't play it much and had only 4 games (Mario/Duck Hunt,OG Zelda, Metroid, and Marble Madness). He gave me the NES and Mario/Duck Hunt but kept the others, it was enough, I was hooked.

I only managed to get about 11 games during my stint with the NES (including all three Mario games, TMNT, Ikari Warriors and some others), but my new hobby was set in stone. In the following years my dad got a SNES before I did, mom got me one for Christmas in 91, I started reading copies of EGM at the grocery store (starting with the May 1993 issue), and I started paying attention to the gaming press.

My First EGM.

Since then I've gotten all of the Nintendo consoles (excluding the GBA Micro), all of the Sony consoles, an Xbox 360, and almost 400 games across all platforms. My hobby started off as a means to help deal with being bullied and the stress of erroneously thinking that my parent's divorce was my fault, but in trying to block all that out, I found myself engrossed in a new type of exciting media that was only getting bigger from there, and I was loving it.

Because Videogames.
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