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4:04 PM on 06.03.2012

E3: [my blog's predictions]

We have about a week and a half left until the 2012 Electronics Entertainment Expo. I'm going to take some time and put some predictions on the table now before anything major leaks. so here's my thoughts on what'll be shown and unveiled this year.

Regarding Nintendo

* They'll show off the Wii-U some more despite them saying they're not ready to reveal the launch date, since it is supposed to come out this year and all. Honestly, I think they'll push it back to next year.
* Safe to assume they'll show off a new Mario and Zelda, and once again leave Metroid out of the picture.
* They might unveil a NEW version of the 3DS.
* Probably a release date for Pandora's Tower here in the U.S.

I don't have much to predict about Nintendo. If they announce anything aside from waggle shit, I'd be surprised. Also, I'm getting tired of Reggie and his insincere "I understand the "Hardcore" gamer" spiels.

Regarding Microsoft

* Safe to assume more Kinect crap, kid actors on stage, non game crap, awkwardness
* Probably a new UI for the 360
* Even MORE media streaming crap for the 360.
* The $99 subsidized XB360 will make it outside of the Microsoft Stores and into other retail outlets.
* They'll show off Halo 4, Assassin's Creed III, Black Ops 2, and possibly updates for Minecraft on the XBLA.
* New limited versions of the 360 Slim (colors, bundles, etc)
* They won't say a damn thing about the rumored new xbox (XBOX720/Durango/Whatever it's name'll be)

I'm not impressed whatsoever with what MS has been doing this past year and a half, BUT, if they can get their shit together and focus on games more.. I'll start paying more attention. Still not paying for Live though, fuck that shit.

Regarding Sony

* Safe to assume they'll drop more game announcements and release dates for the Vita. (I'm betting Final Fantasy X, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, and the Sly game will be three of them)
* New Vita Update will flip the switch on PS-One game compatibility for Vita
* Updated list of PSP games compatible with Vita
* Rumored PSN pre-order system will get announced.
* Announcement trailer for new Killzone (either a Vita or PS3 game, maybe both)
* They'll announce the launch of the White PS Vita for here in the U.S.
They'll show off God of War Ascension.

I'm being more positive with Sony this year, cause they're focusing on GAMES first, then everything else. Also since I just got a Vita, I have more Vita predictions than PS3 predictions. Also, I didn't predict a new PlayStation system since they've gone on record and said that there's no plans to announce new hardware at this E3, so there.

So there's my E3 predictions.I didn't predict new unannounced games since I haven't a clue what they're going to reveal this year. My attitude for this year's E3 is "whatcha got? Come at me bro, make me less cynical of the industry's direction". Hopefully there's a bounty of cool ass games from all 3 big companies and no more shenanigans. At the time of writing this, there's 25 minutes left until Nintendo's "Nintendo Direct" Conf. Lets see if I'm right about anything.   read

6:40 PM on 02.20.2012

Endings: Evermore

Because Mr Ross already stole my idea for a blog about the endings of Chrono Trigger and how that game changed my view of games forever, I'll go with the second Squaresoft game I ever played. When I read the Blogger's Wanted topic, I immediately thought of this game.

I was a science and history geek in elementary school and while Chrono Trigger tugged at my love for time travel stories, Secret of Evermore tugged at my love for history infused stories. I raved so much about this game, that even my older brother picked it up, though he didn't really play it much. This gave me licence to play it for a long time and actually finish it, which is something I rarely did back in the NES/SNES days, especially cause most games I played back then were rented from Movies At Home and (later) Blockbuster.

So onto the topic at hand, the ending. You travel all throughout the different themed areas of Evermore meeting cool people and fighting monsters only to find yourself back in the space station Omnitopia. You explore the area and finally have a showdown with the butler that cast you down to the surface, oh and he's a robot, which kinda figures. After the robot boss fight, Carltron (the robutler) comes out and threatens you like a Scooby Doo villain before the good scientist you meet in the beginning comes from behind and shuts him down.

Right now, you might be thinking.. "why is this guy writing about this game, this end sucks so far". True, but the part that makes this one my favorite game endings is coming up.

After you meet back up with scientist that looks suspiciously like Dr Light in Mega Man, he tells you that because the evil was banished from Evermore, the world is tearing itself apart because of the imbalance. Your character and his dog must use the shuttle to rescue all the scientist's friends that you met and befriended yourself in your travels. After rounding everyone up you go through the portal back to the real world and save Evermore. It then shows the boy and his dog outside the Bijou theater. During the Credits it goes back to the people that were created with Evermore taking control of their lands and kingdoms. Afterwards, it shows the scientist talking to a reactivated robutler about being good, then after the scientist walks off it rubs it's hands together suspiciously.

The end was wrapped up with all the people responsible either taken to task or learned of their mistakes and the boy and his dog taken back home with a bit of foreshadowing in the end that sadly, never came to fruition. It's one of those games where there's enough closure to be satisfactory, but it leaves it open enough so if they were to make another, it wouldn't retcon the end of the first game. In a time where a lot of SNES titles were crappy movie and TV show games (a few notable exceptions aside), seeing all of these classic storytelling tropes in one game makes it even better, especially for the first and last of Squaresoft's American studio. That's why I think Secret of Evermore's ending is one of the greats, even though it's an underdog of sorts.   read

3:53 PM on 02.13.2012

Beginnings: Videogames and I.

I should really title it "how my brothers got me into an expensive ass hobby", but shorter is sweeter I suppose. My fascination with games started sometime in the mid Eighties, before we moved to where we are now back in 1987. My earliest memory about videogames was wanting to play Atari with my two older brothers and being shuffled off to bed by my mother. Then with my parent's divorce in 87 and us moving and me starting school in a harsh neighborhood, I needed something to help take my mind off things.

For my 5th Birthday in August that year, my brother Scott gave me his NES, the very one I had been drooling over a year prior. He didn't play it much and had only 4 games (Mario/Duck Hunt,OG Zelda, Metroid, and Marble Madness). He gave me the NES and Mario/Duck Hunt but kept the others, it was enough, I was hooked.

I only managed to get about 11 games during my stint with the NES (including all three Mario games, TMNT, Ikari Warriors and some others), but my new hobby was set in stone. In the following years my dad got a SNES before I did, mom got me one for Christmas in 91, I started reading copies of EGM at the grocery store (starting with the May 1993 issue), and I started paying attention to the gaming press.

My First EGM.

Since then I've gotten all of the Nintendo consoles (excluding the GBA Micro), all of the Sony consoles, an Xbox 360, and almost 400 games across all platforms. My hobby started off as a means to help deal with being bullied and the stress of erroneously thinking that my parent's divorce was my fault, but in trying to block all that out, I found myself engrossed in a new type of exciting media that was only getting bigger from there, and I was loving it.

Because Videogames.

1:27 PM on 12.05.2007

I'm new..

I've been checking out news stories from here since Gametab included D-toid in their list of news feeds. I never felt the urge to join since I'm signed up with too many places as it is.. until I saw the homepage banner bashing Gamespot. I might not be posting blogs on here much, as my gaming blog is over at 1up (, but I'll try to post here occasionally. Alright, more later.   read

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