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Analoge avatar 11:17 AM on 05.15.2013  (server time)
Chloe Sagal, Allistair Pinsof, and Destructoid's Response

The story, for those of you who haven't heard, can be found here. The word's straight out of Pinsof's mouth can be found here. The tl;dr version is that Allistair Pinsof found it necessary to out a transgender* woman who is closeted everywhere but the internet (a common survival tactic among trans* folk who don't feel safe coming out in their real lives) over his twitter, claiming that he was justified in doing so in the name of journalistic integrity.

This isn't about a possible scam. It isn't about the definition of the word "lifesaving." It's about a Destructoid writer acting in a completely unethical manner. It is never, under any circumstances, okay to out a transgender* person. To do so while that person is recovering in a hospital from a suicide attempt is beyond contemptible.

I am an out trans* woman. I am also a member of the Destructoid community. How Destructoid handles this issue deeply affects me and the large group of transgender* Dtoiders who are not out. People who have come to me to tell me how strong I am, and how much it means to them that I am out and proud and that I speak out on the site for those who can't. I could no longer face those people if I did not speak out now.

What can Destructoid do to fix this problem? It's a question I don't completely have the answer to, but I know it starts with this: I am calling for the termination of Allistair Pinsof as a Destructoid employee. I am also asking for a public apology from Destructoid. Finally I would ask that Destructoid run an article that raises awareness about transgender* issues as they relate to the games industry (yes, I am aware that a community member's article was promoted, that's not what I'm talking about). Think of it as community service.

Destructoid has be a home for me for many years. Some of my best friends I have met on the site, and I would not be living where I am right now were it not for the connections I made through Dtoid. It hurts my heart to have its name attached to such actions, and the sooner it makes amends for this, the sooner I can go back to being a happy member of the community. Until then, I feel like an outcast.

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