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Gaming since that big, grey box first graced our shores (yeah, I mean Margaret Thatcher), pidgin is downright the most happenin' urban fowl to hit the controllers, wired or otherwise (though playing Guitar Hero has proved difficult with the wings and all).

Music and cultcha whore at your service, don't knock the delays -- writing is serious bidness.
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A group of us made the claim that August 24th was the end of summer, when the lads and I threw a massive loft party featuring DJs tricky b, ctor (me), frantz barosy, and Natty, plus a live set from nullsleep. Ask anyone who went, it was epic.

But to say that was 'the last hurrah' for this very dance-packed summer of '07 is categorically false.

On September 14th, The Tank co-sponsored a Chiptunes Boat Cruise as part of the Rocks-Off Concert series.


On a boat.


I have a mix and match of pictures from my shaky, non-flash havin' cameraphone, and some I lifted from Nullsleep (which are far better), but they should give you somewhat of an idea of the fun that was had. Bit Shifter, Nullsleep, and Anamanaguchi played in that order, while our 8-bit yacht made the rounds on the East River.

Yes, the Indian Sean Connery was indeed in attendance.

And so it begins...

Bit Shifter hits START.

It sounds better than it looks (triptychs are fun).

Oh, so it's the fiery fingers that are his secret!

It's like looking into the center of the Milky Way... O.O

Are you ready for Nullsleep... explode?!

It's kinda like that...

...only, with more fist-pumping action.

Mood lighting.

Rockstar pose #193

One more track, people.

And now, silhouetted with Lady Liberty in the background -- yeah, that blue-green smudge on the left.




The night was ripe for Chiptunes --

Photo Photo Photo