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Game Fuel makes its return!

So it seems that the awesomeness of Game Fuel is returning to store shelves, but it is no longer brandishing the epicness of Master Chief. Blizzard struck a deal with Mt. Dew to re-release Game Fuel sporting WoW characters....


New Halo 3 Achievements? I smell bullshit!

So whilst browsing the interwebz yesterday I noticed some stories popping up about some people who saw some new H3 achievements on some of Bungie's 360s. This looks like someone that just wants some attention so they started ...


Honest opinion on GH: On Tour

Yes I realize the game came out last week, but if you read my last entry I'm working at a camp over the summer and barley have enough time to do anything let alone write about stuff. Anyways I got my hands on GH: On Tour last...


Lack Of Video Games...

So for 6 years I've been working out at a camp over the summer. That means about 9 weeks away from home. I do live close enough to return home for about 24hrs every weekend. That's enough time to wash my clothes and hang out ...



I'd like to thank everyone that I met at the Cincinnati NARP I got to meet alot of awesome people there. Just want to throw a shout out to Ron, Joe (BuckF1tches ), Michael (Phist), and 402. It was nice to meet you all. I'm just waiting to see all the pics that were taken. I unfortunately didn't take many. I hope to see all of you all in Cinci again in the future. Keep it real guys!


The Whistles Go Woooooo

Whats up Destructoid? I guess my first post should be a little intro about myself. My name is Josh, I'm 19, and I'm attending Miami University to obtain a Visual Media Design degree. Gaming is a huge passion of mine I've bee...


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