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Name: Josh
Age: 20
Location: Cincinnati, OH
XBL GT: AnTi PROx // Wh1stlesGoWooooo
Game: Halo 3
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12:55 AM on 03.18.2009

So it seems that the awesomeness of Game Fuel is returning to store shelves, but it is no longer brandishing the epicness of Master Chief. Blizzard struck a deal with Mt. Dew to re-release Game Fuel sporting WoW characters. The original red Game Fuel known as the Horde version will be the same as the original. They are also introducing a new Wild Fruit version which will be the Alliance beverage. It’s no alien stomping, kick ass and take names, super soldier, but that’s ok Game Fuel was awesome.

So whilst browsing the interwebz yesterday I noticed some stories popping up about some people who saw some new H3 achievements on some of Bungie's 360s. This looks like someone that just wants some attention so they started a hoax...Some of those achievements seem fucking retarded. So here is the list and the pics you decide:

Heretic Skull: 25 GS
Assembly Skull: 25 GS
Citadel Skull: 25 GS
Sandbox Skull: 25 GS
Orbital Skull: 25 GS
Longshore skull. 25 GS;

Tank Dropper: 25 GS;
Zombie Repeller: 25 GS; Image looks like the Zombie Killing spree skull, with 2 stars behind it.
Delicious Brains: 25 GS; Picture same as ZR, except with infection spree skull.
Save this Film: 25 GS; Picture is Perfection medal.
Have Fun Respawning: 25 GS; Picture is Extermination medal
Killtacular: 25 GS; Picture is Killtacular medal
Aww, too bad: 25 GS; Picture is Killjoy medal
…Get the Horns: 25 GS; Picture is Bulltrue medal
Post mortem: 25 GS; Picture is Kill from the grave medal
Ghost Patrol: 25 GS; Picture is a ghost splattering someone with 3 stars behind it
Blades of Fury: 25 GS; Picture is Sword spree medal
Pull: 25 GS; Picture is Shotgun spree medal
Hammer Time: 25 GS; Picture is same as Steppin Razor except with a Gravity hammer and 5 skulls instead of 3.
Look Both Ways: 50 GS; On a Legendary Map, got a splatter spree during a ranked or social match. Splatter spree medal
Road Rage: 25 GS; Pic is Warthog splattering someone with 5 stars behind it
Flag dropped: 25 GS; Pic is two ‘Killed Flag Carrier’ medals, one partially covering the other
Defend this: 50 GS; On a Legendary Map, got a flag melee kill during a ranked or social match. Flag Kill medal
Came…From…Behind: On a Legendary map, got 3 assassinations on a ranked or social map. 50 GS; Assassination medal along with 3 ninja stars
Alas, Poor Yorek: 25 GS; Picture is Oddball kill medal along with 3 stars above it
Double Double: On a Legendary Map, get two double kills during a ranked or social match. 25 GS; Two double kill medals, one partially covering the other

Vidmaster Challenge: 7 on 7: 0GS; Entered into a ranked or social playlist with 7 EXP on the 7th of the month.
Vidmaster Challenge: Annual. After 9/25/08: 0GS; Completed Halo on 4-player Legendary LIVE Co-op with Iron, and everyone in Ghosts. Pic is the the skull with a hammer on the forehead in front is a green marathon symbol with 4 white stars on it
Vidmaster Challenge: Lightswitch: 0 GS; Picture is a Lieutenant symbol in front of a green marathon symbol.
Vidmaster Challenge: Brainpan: 25 GS; Picture is 6 skulls stacked into a triangle in front of green marathon symbol.

Being away from what I would call the technology world does a toll and I don't get the down low on many things, but I did just get to see the new Xbox Live dashboard video on the front page.

My first thoughts are not joy...instead nothing but what is happening to the XBL so many of us gamers know and love. I realize it's how Microsoft wants to re-position the 360 in a role of a family entertainment center, but where does that leave your hardcore gaming friends? What's up with this friends list deal? No one wants to go through a bunch of pictures of little Mii looking avatar things to find their friends. What was so wrong with a friends LIST? Oh geeze a Netflix channel? Look most gamers out there just want to play the games. Half of these new features are things that cost money to use and have nothing to do with gaming. Speaking of channels...oh wait...avatars...what's next? A motion controller? Oh I forgot it's already been talked about.

Microtendo here we come!

Yes I realize the game came out last week, but if you read my last entry I'm working at a camp over the summer and barley have enough time to do anything let alone write about stuff. Anyways I got my hands on GH: On Tour last weekend and I do have to say my initial thoughts were a bit skeptical.

The first thing you need to know about me is that I am no hardcore Guitar Hero player. The first GH game I owned was 3 and I can only play medium and a little hard. So the fact that On Tour only has 4 buttons makes me a little happy. On a gaming standpoint I do have to say On Tour delivers the Guitar Hero experience just as it's older brothers. The buttons are a bit smashed together and sometimes my big hands can't find the right color, but for the most part it works. I am a bit iffy on the fact that I'm constantly strumming on my touch screen. I do have a protector on it, but I'm on the picky side when it comes to something that wears out the screen that much.

The song selection is fairly good. It's nice to see some old favorites as well as some new kids on the block. A friend of mine picked it up as well and we did some challenges and the multiplayer works like a charm. My only complaint in that department is the battle powers. It takes way too long to blow that retarded fire out...and why the hell would someone make you sign a shirt on stage? It makes no sense...

Final judgment? If you're a big Guitar Hero fan then pick it up. If you're not then play it and make your decision. I'm not a big GH fan, but I enjoy On tour.

6:23 PM on 06.14.2008

So for 6 years I've been working out at a camp over the summer. That means about 9 weeks away from home. I do live close enough to return home for about 24hrs every weekend. That's enough time to wash my clothes and hang out with some friends and that's about it. I do have my 360 with me there, but I just don't play it. I'm not gonna lie though I was addicted to gaming, but now I'm just free to do whatever I want. It's kind of cool. I'm hoping to carry on this new pattern after the summer. It was wayyyy overboard with me. So my task of the day for everyone: If you're super addicted to gaming take a step back and chill out for a few days. It works wonders.

Not that anyone cares, but that's why I haven't been updating my page for a while. I just got internet in my residence though so I can post my thoughts on the latest gaming news.

Keep it real guys!

That is if you even have a Wii...

If it's been posted oh well...your taunting doesn't hurt me XD