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12:32 PM on 10.23.2010

Why the M3/M4 Revolver is the most enjoyable gun in Killzone

There is a very specific reason why this gun is not only my favorite weapon in the Killzone series, but one of the most important pieces of the game.  Killzone takes place far into the future.  So why is your starting sidearm a revolver?  Why wasn't a much more efficient and modern gun used instead?  I believe that there is a specific reason why a revolver was used in this game.

In almost every western, there are two main uses for a The single shot kill (usually in a duel, shootout, etc) and 'wild west' mode (shooting as fast as you can with nothing to lose).  In Killzone, it seems like these are the only two reasons you would ever need a sidearm.  As I began my third replay of Killzone 2, I realized that I barely ever used the Revolver during the last few times I played the game.  I was always looking for the weapon that outgunned the one I currently had equipped.  The only time I ever found myself using the revolver was purely and simply for fun.  I would get bored of shooting sniper rifles, or assault rifles, finding the gameplay to be reliant upon the weapons I chose to use.

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