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Amna Umen avatar 7:11 PM on 06.06.2011  (server time)
E3 Reactions: Live Sony Press Conference Blog

Welcome folks to something I do every year, but instead of putting it on a blog that no one will read, I decided to share it with the D-Toid community. This also means I will not blow up my followers on twitter's news feed. It's almost 8:15 PM here on the East Coast, nearing 5:15 PM on the West Coast and the Sony Press conference is just about to start. Initial hopes for me are some more info on The Last Guardian, a demo of Uncharted 3, and at least some news on Kingdom Hearts III but I don't know if that will be here or in the Square conference.

8:17 - Conference starts off with a dubstep driven 3D montage of what appears to be coming in the next 12 months for Sony. Ah yes forgot about Human Revolution which is going to be awesome.

8:20 - Jack Tretton as always starts off the conference. Makes mention of the PSN debacle first and foremost. Which is very nice that they brought that to light in the beginning, it shows that they are not trying to push this one under the carpet. He apologizes to the consumers the most and acknowledges that we were the most affected by it. You're damn right! I couldn't get my Fallout DLC until last week.

8:25 - Tretton talking about how well connected the PS3 is to the world outside of gaming entertainment. New service coming that gives free movies and TV shows, I can get behind that.

8:27 - Naughty Dog given the honors of presenting first for the conference. A demo of Uncharted 3 coming up on screen now.

8:28 - Demo opens up with Nathan on a ship that is swaying back and forth, possibly sinking. Lighting effects are stunning as it is come to be expected with Uncharted. Although a beautiful demo, so far it's not doing much for impressing me more than Among Thieves.

8:31 - Ok now things are getting impressive, the gravitational shifts when mixed with the battle is amazing to see. New move seems to be where you can activate a grenade on an enemies belt, all this happened before the ship seemingly rolled and Nathan was forced to swim out of the water. Demo ends with Nathan outrunning a wall of water.

8:34 - Subway will be running a promotion in October where you can play the multiplayer, 5-Dollar Footlongs and Freaking Awesome Multiplayer? That's a win-win situation.

8:38 - Insomniac games is next up with Resistance 3. I was never a huge fan of Resistance, don't get me wrong it's a good series but I'm just not big on FPS games.

8:40 - One of the voice actors sounds like Randy Marsh, just sayin'.

8:41 - Finishing up with Resistance 3 now, never played any of the originals so it's very unlikely that I will play this.

8:42 - ICO and Shadow of the Colossus remakes will be released this fall and be in 3D. Hooyah for Fall! Meh for 3D since I think 3D is kind of a gimmick.

8:45 - 499 for 3D? Eh I'm good with my primitive 2D games.

8:50 - A step out for a second to finish making dinner and now KB 24 is on stage?

8:51 - Don't know how I feel about what KB 24 was saying about NBA 2k12....mostly because I don't play sports games.

8:52 - I guess we are moving into the PS Move part of the conference, despite the price, I still like the Move over the Kinect as the Move seems to allow more control to the player and isn't just an expensive peripheral to play on-rails games (I thought this before Sterling constantly made mention of the trend)

8:55 - If Umrao Mayor got laid in his life before 30 I would be surprised, the man has quite the mouth breather voice.

8:58 - inFamous 2 up now, the original is definitely on my to get list from the PS Welcome Back Package.

9:00 - User-created missions for inFamous 2? Giddy up.

9:01 - New third person shooter coming to the PSN, looks to be a mix of Transformers, and Borderlands

9:02 - Sly Cooper returning in 2012, I know a few of my friends will be more than stoked for this news.

9:05 - Hilmar Petuson comes from Iceland. Dust is an MMO that will truly cross platforms...didn't FFXI already do that or did I piss away 3 years of my life on an imaginary game? Oh nevermind it looks to be a shooter.

9:07 - They aren't Space Maurines! They are space mercenaries.

9:09 - BIOSHOCK INFINITE! Ken Levine I will have your brain babies!

9:11 - PS Move from the sounds of it is going to be implemented into BioShock Infinite. Levine is talking about how Sony talked him into the move to get more casual gamers into the world of BioShock. Ehhhh I can see the appeal...hold BioShock game for the NGP.

9:14 - Ok so I can see the appeal of getting more casual gamers, but I don't see many casual gamers falling in love with the world and story....wait BioShock comes with Infinite?! FUCK! I already own it!

9:16 - New Star Trek game, right I'm a Wars guy, no interest in this, sorry. I'm sure a few Trekkies wet their pink panties when they heard that a move controller will be shaped like a phazer.

9:18 - EA games being given the run down right now, SSX, Need For Speed and Battlefield 3...Battlefield 3 will come with 1943! Ok they sold me on that game, BF 1942 was my shit back in the day.

9:20 - Up now is the NGP, being a DS man myself, I'm gonna check out for a second and pull my dinner.

9:24 - NGP now officially known as PS Vida, this may possibly be a buy for me in the future, especially with a BioShock game coming in the future.

9:26 - God DAMNIT! AT&T?! Really? Goody it's the iPhone all over again.

9:28 - Ok getting a little close to the end and I'm not feeling like Ueda is going to come on stage. I will voice my problem with this in a short while.

9:29 - Ok the graphics for the PS Vita Uncharted game are amazing. And the combination of touch screen and dual analog might be the killer for Nintendo's reign over the portable market.

9:50 - Like Bender, I'm back baby!

9:51- Oh effeminate Japanese man, although I know a lot of people are excited about this game, I gave up on Tekken long ago.

9:52 - Ok so the Vita definitely sold me on it's future. I'm excited to see what it can do when released. The Vita part of the conference ends with a video montage.

9:56 - Wi-Fi version of the PS Vita available this holiday season for 249 dollars. Alright Nintendo, you now have to step your game up (yes I resurrected that old PSP ad) to hold onto the market, (299 for the 3G version)

9:59 - Alright that's the end of the conference...snubbed again for Ueda, that makes two years of no show for the genius. Also absent was Journey and Infinite for more than just the PS Move addition.

That's all from me for right now, overall a mediocre conference with very few surprises from Sony, but they did accomplish what they set out to do. They sold that Vita like it was pure water after the apocalypse.

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