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Amna Umen avatar 6:48 PM on 06.01.2011  (server time)
E3 Approaches: A Return to Normalcy

I am a man who grew up a Nintendo Boy, year after year I would play all the best offerings that Nintendo put up, and as I got older and gained more money I also acquired a love of Sony products starting with the PS2. But even still as I got older I remained a Nintendo Boy at heart, with a high love of Star Fox, F-Zero, and Super Smash Bros. But now as we are nearing the revelations of the next gen of consoles, I am at an impasse. The Wii was a disappointment to me as a Nintendo fan so far with my game collection for the Wii measuring in at a measly 4 games. I just have not seen the need to buy anymore than the 4 games I have as the library is terrible. Hell I opted to use the only AV input on my HDTV for my PS2 rather than use my Wii because I play more PS2 games than I do Wii games. I don't want to bitch too much about the Wii so I'll just sum it up with this, the Wii has shook the very foundations of my Nintendo Fanboyism. I have no idea whether I even want to pay attention to the new system if it's game library is going to end up filled with a ratio of 100:1 for shovelware to decent innovative games on the Wii (To possible haters: Yes I pulled numbers out of nowhere).

So with my views on the current Nintendo console known, let me get into what I'd like to see from E3 this year.

Nintendo Shows that Project Cafe will appeal to both casual gamers and old school Nintendo fans alike

I remember my friend saying as the Wii came out that he was worried that it would just be overrun by crappy motion control games, and lo and behold it happened. Please Nintendo, give us fans that grew up with your systems something to scream (in joy) about. Show us that some of the older series will be seen on the new system using the (I'm sure to be) innovative controls.

Also if you could just kick Sakurai off of the next Smash Bros. game that would be swell as well, thanks!

Square at least attempts to offer a hint that Kingdom Hearts III is being made

Seriously, it's now been oh 5 years since Kingdom Hearts II has come out and we haven't heard a single peep out of Square about about a true sequel to it. I'm tired of these crappy spin-offs that have stories that are worse than some fanfictions out there (that's right I said it, 365/2 was pure crap). By this time after the original Kingdom Hearts we had a sequel already, and I know that coding for the new system has made it hard to pop out a sequel in a reasonable time but for the love of God! At least give me some hope that it will be out by the time the new consoles roll out. Forget Versus XIII it's doomed to fail, just admit defeat and move on.

New information from Team ICO

I'm being very patient with my favorite development team because I trust their vision and judgement above all other in their field. But at least a little more information on what's going on with The Last Guardian and the ICO/Shadow of the Colossus HD remake would be nice. Specifically why the HD collection was delayed. Not complaining, just would like a little insight. Oh also some news that the planned Shadow of the Colossus movie was canned would be nice. I'd like to be able to sleep again without having nightly nightmares about how detrimental to the original game it is going to be.

Massive amounts of news from Valve

Gotcha! You have earned your rest Valve. Just don't get too drunk and reveal whatever F-STOP was supposed to be.

A private 1 on 1 dinner with Ken Levine

Seriously, someone capture him for me and send him back Pennsylvania way. I want to know how this man does what he does. But in all reality I am really excited to see that demo.

Completely insane want A straight adventure game from Lucasarts

I know the adventure genre of old is essentially dead, but there are still some of us out that replay some of your old games year after year because they are just that good, so why not strike gold again and stop churning out saga altering action games?

And finally absolutely nothing from the follow developers

David Cage.

You had your turn to speak, and you lost your privileges. Sit down and shut up.

Oh, I guess that's it on the developers that have lost all of my respect this year.


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, a man's desires for the upcoming E3. Happy pre-best week of gaming ever!

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