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simpsons movie is.....good?!?!?!

i'll admit, when i first heard of a simpsons movie i was very skeptical. when they can't even make a good episode anymore why would they be able to make a good movie? was i right, was i wrong? i got to see the movie at mid...


gamestop wants to see your pokemans.

come on, preorder from bulbasaur he needs to keep this job. he hasn't had a good one since fire red/leaf green. do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? is catching them your real test, and training them is yo...


welcome to a new age of computer boxes.

grrr baby, verrry grrrr..... as of yesterday i switched to the dark side, or switched from the dark side to the light? after many a years of toiling with microsoft, reinstalling os's due to fatal crashes, the drivers the dr...


take two suspending sale of Manhunt 2

is this a sign that they are buckling and going to edit the game? they suspended it temporarialy to "review their options" which at the moment are 1. edit 2. release on pc they said "We believe in freedom of creative expre...


remember alliwantforchristmasisapsp?

remember the good old marketing blunder via sony, http://alliwantforxmasisapsp.com/? you also remember how it died about as quickly as it fell out of sonys evil blu-ray lined loins? well you should give the link a lil clicket...


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