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Ambulance-Y avatar 9:37 AM on 08.06.2008  (server time)
de blob. + natures very own lol cat.

i heard about this game through retroforce , and i would like to thank them this is one damn fun game. i downloaded the iphone version today on a whim lookin to justify upgrading to 2.0 and was pleased with my purchase. for $7 bucks on itunes or what every nintendo wants its worth the investment.

for those who don't know what it is you a glob of paint in a greyish black and white world and you roll around bringing color to the land. in each level you have a certain amount of time to score a set amount of points, with plenty of townsfolk ready to award you points for doing various tasks or you can just roll around doing your own thing to achieve points. while i can't attest to the wii version (although i imagine wii would be the more solid of the two), the iphone version was quite fun when you find the right accelorometer sensitivity level.

so if you want a fun experience i'd suggest checking it out on either platform

also, dont mess wihff tuu face kittah

god r not b amused.

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