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9:37 AM on 08.06.2008

de blob. + natures very own lol cat.

i heard about this game through retroforce , and i would like to thank them this is one damn fun game. i downloaded the iphone version today on a whim lookin to justify upgrading to 2.0 and was pleased with my purchase. for $7 bucks on itunes or what every nintendo wants its worth the investment.

for those who don't know what it is you a glob of paint in a greyish black and white world and you roll around bringing color to the land. in each level you have a certain amount of time to score a set amount of points, with plenty of townsfolk ready to award you points for doing various tasks or you can just roll around doing your own thing to achieve points. while i can't attest to the wii version (although i imagine wii would be the more solid of the two), the iphone version was quite fun when you find the right accelorometer sensitivity level.

so if you want a fun experience i'd suggest checking it out on either platform

also, dont mess wihff tuu face kittah

god r not b amused.   read

2:33 PM on 03.01.2008

like blue dragon? like 2d sprites? come here child....

for fans of blue dragon you may or may not know that there are currently 2 sequels in the works for the first game. the first is blue dragon 2 for the 360, the second is coming soon (supposedly this summer) called blue dragon plus for the ds. it's a real time RPG whatever that means (revenant wings style i assume??) with 2d sprites (remember those?!?!?!) that takes place a year after the first game. it appears that all the main characters will return, plus afew newbies. i for one was a fan of the first, and hope they can do a good job on this too. while i'd rather them had stuck with traditional turn based combat jRPG formula this could be promising none the less. was ff12 revenant wings any good, does anyone know?

as well the anime will be aired on cartoon network, not adult swim, come spring/summer. some screen shots, other news via ds fanboy. japanese site for game.   read

7:18 AM on 01.25.2008

hannah montana is just as evil as video games?

we've all heard the threats that grand theft auto and other video games will cause you to become a homicidal freak, but now is it hannah montana? tuesday a 16 year old teenager was arrested for supposedly planning to hop on an airplane with handcuffs, duct tape, and some rope with plans of hijacking the plane and wanting to crash it into a hannah montana concert. the child had a mock cock pit in his room when searched by authorities. will hannah be the new GTA? i doubt it, but i think this is a piece of proof that actions come from the mind of the perpatrator not the video games the person plays.,2933,325426,00.html   read

6:23 PM on 12.10.2007

iPhone soon to play PSX games, PSP weeps in corner

a soon to be released iPhone/ipod touch app will emulate your favorite PSX games, how freakin sweet is that?!?! the aptly named psx4iphone will be beta testing soon so hopefully we will see a public release in the next few months. i can already see my psp giving me an evil glare because soon my iphone will do everything that i use the psp for (nes, snes, psx, internets)

anyone else lucky enough to be excited about the potential release of this? the following is a link to the developers blog for more info   read

10:14 AM on 11.16.2007

prepare your bladder for iminate release!!

it took alot of inverstigation but i found some background information about our good friend master chief. as well as a photo of him without his mask, i don't think your ready for this.


12:52 PM on 10.25.2007

be the shit by owning the shit.

i don't know if this has been posted before, but for the die hard halo fans you may wanna check out hot topic. you my friend can own a life size plasma rifle for only $120, it has vibration, lights, sounds and a laser target to help prepare for any future alien invasions. while not currently avaliable they are currently taking pre-orders online at they got a bad ass hoodie you should check out too.


6:50 PM on 08.21.2007

INside STevie, LIttle HEnry LUrks- a silent hill origins review...of the demo

so, we know that the demo for Silent Hill 0rigins was leaked. i've been a silent hill fan since thanks to pizza hut i got a demo to the first one and it's been a beautiful love affair with deformed monster nurses and the like ever since. once i heard it was official they were making a psp silent hill game i was glad for once i bought the damn thing. it is nearing time to release and i got my hands on the demo and i couldn't be moar excited, will it live up to expectations or be just another psp release no one cares about? we won't know for sure till it's release but here's my impressions after playing the demo.

i will start off with game play, control wise it mostly lives up to normal expectations with silent hill, with some added nuggets of joy. you move your character with the analog nub as is expected, this game really made me wish sony would flip the d-pad and nub on all their consules it's almost standard to use analog sticks as the main movement so why not flip em to make game play more comfortable (see xbox controller) so what does that leave the d-pad for you ask? a new feature to seamlessly switch weapons, because you WILL be changing weapons frequently but i'll touch on that later.

visuals are amazing, probably not the best psp can put out but with whats out now it looks pretty damn good. the switching between light world/ dark world are awesome, the freak you out freaky videos that come up to creep you out are pretty awesome and unexpected, and the screen getting grainy at points is pretty cool too, my only disappointment comes from not being as creepy visually than the others but with how the story seems to play out that gives more of a creepy factor than just walking through an evil looking hospital. lighting (most specifically from the flash light) is some of the best i've seen in a silent hill, while i've never played the room so it COULD be just as good i don't consider it a member of the silent hill family, it's the ugly red headed step child of the bunch. the cameras are mostly what you can expect from silent hill, but with a bit of a feel they were trying to copy the formula of resident evil 4.

now more about actual game play, one new thing i'm liking is the new combat system. remember earlier when i said you'll be changing weapons alot? well new to the series is weapons don't last forever. i was fighting a nurse with a sledge hammer and the hammer just broke! i was attacking one with a scalpal and i assume it got stuck in the nurse as it disappeared in an explosion of puss. then there are the new weapons, such as an iv drip stand, portable tv, huge glass alcohol bottle, to name a few, that escape the traditional weaponry but is something that if put into that situation in real life you might think to use. i guess they stole a chapter from dead rising. all the crazy puzzle solving that leaves you scratching your head for hours during a silent hill game is still alive and well.

over all i'm very impressed by this game, they took the traditional game play with some added features that in my opinion are very welcome and i hope they keep as they venture back to consules for the silent hill experience. i will be getting this for sure when it comes out, and for silent hill fans you should too, silent hill is back baby and possibly better than ever.   read

3:29 PM on 07.30.2007

get ready for Game Fuel, and other halo promotions

have you heard of some game called Halo 3? well in the next month or so everyone in the us will if microsoft has anything to do with it. starting in august a wave of promotion for halo 3 will hit you like lindsay hitting a curb while coked and boozed up. halo 3 will have be so heavily promoted i wouldnt be surprised if bush held a press conference about it.

item a. Game Fuel- a new mountain dew flavor inspired by halo 3, with 30percent moar caffine and a citrusy cherry flavor. sure to keep you up all night pwning noobs. 7-11 will carry special aluminum bottles of game fuel.

item 2- 7=11 will also carry 3 collector edition linticular slurpee cups. as well they will have special halo 3 packaged doritos with a sweepstakes to be a voice actor in halo wars.

item 3- pontiac will whore out halo 3 as well and among other things will do a promotion do coincide with the high performance g6 coming out soon.

item 4- burger king is on it's knees as well to the halos and will have halo 3 survival kits during september and october as well as halo 3 food packaging and sweepstakes and other such goodies.

item 5- projet revolution will whore out teh halos as well including sweepstakes to play halo 3 with such distinguished musical acts such as my chemical romance and linkin park.

item 6- xbox live will have launch week activities for all.

item 7- the game will come out at some point too,

more info and such can be found at   read

2:59 AM on 07.27.2007

simpsons movie is.....good?!?!?!

i'll admit, when i first heard of a simpsons movie i was very skeptical. when they can't even make a good episode anymore why would they be able to make a good movie? was i right, was i wrong? i got to see the movie at midnight and here's my post movie thoughts.

i went into the movie skeptical and figuring all the good parts of the movie were all seen in the previews. so it will take alot for this movie to win my heart over. the previews start to roaring applause, the new batman movie preview was pretty cool i dunno if it's new or not but full of win. the movie starts out and for the first chunk of the movie you don't stop laughing, hell i thourghly enjoyed watching green day die in a titanic-esque scene, worth the money right there. the beginning sets up one main part of the story and still laugh every two seconds material hurls its way at you. homer gets his pig which we all know and love as spider pig, or harry plotter, flanders works his way to barts heart, lisa meets a boy, and the movie continues to entertain scene to scene. homer soon after makes a horrible choice in hopes of free doughnuts and the main plot begins. if you think bush is a bad president wait till you see schwartenager as president. as always due to homers stupidity they are forced to escape the springfield mess and run away to alaska, where each citizen gets a thousand dollars to not care the government is destroying it's natural beauty. more filler happens and it's decided springfield must be saved from its upcoming doomy fate. character development is formed, and a big brested crazy medicine woman is met. then it's up to saving springfield before it becomes the new grand canyon.

i don't want to spoil it but the movie is sheer hilariousness and packed to the brim with win. if you like the simpsons at all this is a must see movie. it's regained some of it's campy, we'll do what eva we want, wether it be make fun of fox OR religion. or killing babies. i was truly skeptical of this movie but loved every minute of it. anyone who doubts wether it will be good or not should just go see it, it's totally worth it. i give it 4.5 stars.   read

7:59 PM on 07.18.2007

the revolution will not be happening on the psp

civilization revolution is not coming to psp. if anyone care. don't get me wrong i own a psp, i wasn't always a sony hater but they made me the way i am. does anyone even play psp games? it seems most of the psp community is into mostly homebrew and until reacently when homebrew was enabled for ALL psp users mine almost never got touched now it gets used for emulators and psONE games once i get a new CFW that doesn't wipe out the configuration menu so i can switch kernels. so my main question here is, does it matter much when games get delayed or production gets dropped for the psp?

there are 2 main reasons why it's not coming to the psp. 1 there aren't enough people to make it. they are working on the ps3, 360, DS(spring/summer 2008), and the wii version (which is pushed back to autumn 2008). understandable, that is alot of work going on to fill 4 different systems with it's own strengths and weaknesses. but here is the real kicker, reason number 2 is.....they would need to "farm it out" whatever this means and lack of resources. now if it can out it on the ds, which is a lower powered machine than what the psp is why is it so difficult to do on the psp platform as well? or does the lack of resources translate to lack of people that will play it. i would figure a psp version would be more a priority than a ds unless they want to look at the market stand point which is DS has a larger user base.

source:   read

10:59 AM on 07.18.2007

gamestop wants to see your pokemans.

come on, preorder from bulbasaur he needs to keep this job. he hasn't had a good one since fire red/leaf green.

do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? is catching them your real test, and training them is your cause? do you think your the poke master? well on july 21st gamestop wants you to see the amazingness of the wii by holding a pokemon battle revolution, Pokemon Tournament. just show up with your DS and copy of Diamond or Pearl and you can wipe the floor with all the lil 10 year olds and become a true pokemon master.

first place gets Pokemon Battle Revolutions and a Poketopia t-shirt.
second place gets the t-shirt
and since no one is a real loser in the game of life you get a free special gift just for showing up.

click the link for more basically the same information plus to find out which of your local gamestops are participating, then talk to your "friendly" gamestop employee for the time

is anyone else thinking about doing this? i was thinking we should form a team destructoid and sweep the nation in this pokemon tournament. plus if we find neat ways to advertise our team thats good advertisment for the dTOID   read

8:46 PM on 07.17.2007

more Resident Evil: Extinction pics. desire to see fading..fading....gone

translates to: i are be international poster to craptastic movie

I've always been a huge fan of resident evil since back in the day. i borrowed my friends second disk to RE2 the day it came out while he played the first, since then it's been a beautiful orgy of zombies , blood guts, and late night swearing as i figure out WTF is going on. hell i saw the movies right as they came out; saw the first one the day after it came out since the theatre closed the day it came out cuz someone got stabbed and got a job while i was there. saw the second movie the day it came out, while not stellar movies or the best movies ever they were still ok, and in some cases added good filler to the resident evil franchise, while other parts made you wanna punch the creators. now we move on the the third installment of the series, extinction, how ironic that the title of the movie is where we all want the movie series to go to.

"do you know who i am? yeah, neither do i"

i don't know what the creators were smoking when they thought "lets put this in the desert" but i want some. there more pictures that are released make me less likely to see it, it doesn't make sense. now i know resident evil 4 wasn't raccoon city and it was awesome, but i never considered it a true resident evil game no zombies little to no umbrella it just doesn't feel right. now back to the movie, roaming through the desert to escape the oncoming zombie infestation menace... yeah... cuz theres so much water and food to keep you alive in the desert, makes sense. at least dying by the teeth of a zombie is quick and depending on where they get you seemingly painless.

yes mayne, carlos and hilarious token black guy are still alive.

but this movie looks more and more like it makes no sense, the fabled chewbaca defense of johnny cochran is more thought provoking than what this movie is heading twords.

srrrr-sly guys, WTF is wit the leather jacket and gloves in the desert? srsly

but yeah, after the disappointmenets of 1,2, and what is known of 3 is anyone thinking of seeing this? knowing my geek side i imagine i'll break down and see it but not happily. other than being happy knowing it's the last one.   read

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