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Nerdy Art Trade! (VGR, Pic-Heavy)

So, a while back I ended up getting a request from one of the members of the fine TIGSource forum. He wanted to do an art trade, and asked if I'd like some pewter-bead pixel art. I said hell yes, please. I didn't give him any...


Postmortem for Bounty (NVGR, but GR?)

Hello again, everyone! For everyone who missed it, Bounty was an experimental comic I began in honor of 24-Hour Comic Day last weekend. The basic premise was that it would be a forum comic like MS Paint Adventures, with one...


Psychonauts Boxart is Done! (Shortblog)

Just finished this today. My printer's giving me hell for it (I think I'm gonna need a new ink cartridge soon), but overall I'm super-happy with how it turned out. I've been thinking about doing more covers like these, but...


Matt's Animations! (NVGR)

Since I don't have premium DA account, I figured I'd go ahead and post all the little animation projects I've done here instead. This fall I'm heading to college for Media Informatics, which is essentially animation with som...


Self-Publishing? (NVGR)

So I've just finished my memoir comic, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Of course there are things I'd like to tweak, like the thickness of the borders, some illegible text, etc. but overall I think I'm getting b...


My Persona 4 Contest Entry

Here's hoping I can nab that prize pack- there are a couple really fantastic entries, so I hope there's room for one more. This one was actually a lot of fun to color. Thank you, and good night.


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