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How did I start gaming?:
I've been gaming since before I can remember. I played the Atari at a friend's house, the N64 at my cousin's house and then the PS and old PC games at my house. Since then I've played many different games and will continue to do so.

What game systems do you play?:
I mainly play on my PC. Of course my PC is junk and can't play much of anything; it even stutters on Halo if I have more than just Halo open. Because of that I also play on the XBox 360 frequently. I don't have live; I can't afford it (curse the lack of freedom to spend money every which way). When I'm in the car or just bored I may even pull out the Gameboy SP and stick in Fire Emblem or the Final Fantasies.

What games do I play?:
All sorts. My favourite genres are RPG and Strategy. I do like a good FPS every once in awhile though. I still play Halo: Combat Evolved on the PC. When I get nostalgic of my Final Fantasy I go back and play Final Fantasy Tactics or of Diablo I grab my copy of Diablo II and grind it out. As of now I don't play too many games. I'm waiting for this year's (2011) new releases, such as Bulletstorm or Skyrim.

"Gaming is a career, not a hobby."
Interests & Hobbies

Duh? My interest in gaming is deep-seeded within me. It may wither a little time to time but it always come back revitalized, stronger than ever, afterwards.

Yes, that's right. I love learning. I'm crazy. I know. I do a lot of independent learning; a lot of it is random knowledge that I may never need (but it is still good to know, right?). I yearn for information related to mathematics and science, yet, my main interest lies in history. I absolutely love learning about the past.

Reading & Writing
I read whenever I can, whether it's an actual, tangible book or not. I have dozens of eBooks ready for me to read at any given time as well as a list of books to get from the library. I write little things here and there when I think of them and often times will start writing poetry on the spur of the moment.

Music is life. I listen to all types of musics from Japanese traditional to Afro-Celt to American rock or country to British pop to classical. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have music; I have it on almost constantly if I'm not talking or listening to someone.

"A person's hobbies and interests define them. They're the pages of a book."


If you really want to learn about someone then talk to them. No matter how much you read up on them, you will learn more from ten minutes of conversation.


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