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Always Ten Feet Tall avatar 5:58 PM on 03.04.2009  (server time)
One step forward, two steps back.

Ah yes. 2K's baseball series. One would think that these games would actually be, you know, good but this is not the case. How can one have the MLB license since (I believe) late 05 and constantly mess up?

Let's see, 2K6 was a total mess, 2K7 was actually decent and 2K8 was a total letdown from the pitching and the bad framerate. And that leaves up with the newest release, MLB 2K9. It does some things right like the pitching and presentation/commentary (no more Jon Miller and Joe Morgan!) and some things really wrong. Take for example, the hitting system. Yes, the hit stick works but it works too well. Just like the last few years, Everything is homerun or bust.

One thing that has boggled my mind since 2K6 is are the player models.

oh hey there alexei ram...wait a minute

the models in the NBA and NHL games are really good (heck, even NFL 2K5 looks better) but why cannot they get it right? Chris Getz has Mark Buehrle's head, almost every jersey has a mistake and every other player looks like a burn victim. It's the little things that matter and a certain PS3 game does it better.

I don't know where 2K can take the series from here, but they need to do something since The Show is better in every way possible.

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