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Favorite games ever: FF6, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Mario World, Metal Gear Solid, All Zelda games, Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Half-Life series (L4D, TF2, CS included)

Favorite bands: The Beatles, the pillows, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, Rage Against the Machine, Sambomaster, Pink Floyd, Casiopea, Gorillaz, Queen, the Beastie Boys, Tenacious D, Barenaked Ladies, and Daft Punk.

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2:30 PM on 08.11.2008

Recently, one of my favorite places in the whole world, my local cyber-cafe/arcade was turned into a pool hall. It was the last of its kind in my wonderfully dull neighborhood, and it was one of the only game-bearing places that wasn't virally infected by 6 year olds who pretend to play racing games by maniacally turning the steering wheel in sync with the demo on the screen because their mothers will not give them quarters. All of the machines were working, all of the games were good, and the atmosphere was great. There was always pool tables, but gamers still had a home in the back, where all the arcade machines and gaming computers stood up wondrously.

However, being a public place in the suburbs of New York City, no one really cared about the games. They came for the music, the alcohol bar, and the pool. After all, why would you go out to play games? That's incredibly anti-social, isn't it? I mean, playing Street Fighter III won't get you laid.

So, the owner of the place removed all of the machines, except for the DDR machine, and put even more pool tables in their place. Now the place is just a gathering of popular preppy teens.

Now, my point here is, I think this is what killed the arcade industry. It wasn't the lack of originality. It was the lack of personality. In the 80s, arcades were popular social places. All kinds of people went there to play, and they weren't criticized for doing so. Today, the arcade industry needs to appeal to everyone, just like the console industry does. Arcade games haven't upgraded to meet the popular American play styles, they're just translations of Japanese arcade games. Fighting games were never that popular in America, aside from Mortal Kombat, and racing/ddr machines are all too expensive to purchase.

I think someone should step up and create a brand new arcade experience for America. An affordable, attractive, and casual experience. Once this experience is created, arcades will become popular, and hardcore arcade games can sprout between the casual, popular arcade experience, sort of like how Pac-Man attracted older people and non-gamers to arcades in the 80s. I hope that someone out there thinks the same way that I do, and tries to fix this. Gamers need a place to go that isn't their bedrooms.

So this morning I woke up at 5:30AM to get ready for school, and I came on Dtoid like I always do. There, I saw this post about how Mario Kart Wii doesn't have any online communication. All of a sudden, people commented about how this has somehow changed their mind about buying the game.

Now I remind you, one of the DS's top selling games, which has wifi, is Mario Kart DS. Didn't have communication, now did it?

Seriously, although it would be great to have voice communication, you guys have to remember. Nintendo probably wouldn't even have a wifi service if we didn't complain about that when the Gamecube was around. They probably just threw it in for us, so we stopped whining. But, no. We were spoiled, by other companies. I know that Nintendo has no excuse for not putting in voice communication, it shouldn't be a selling point for these games, especially because Nintendo would probably screw up voice chat in the first place. And, where would you plug a microphone into the wiimote? You'd have to take out the nunchuck or any other addon.

I think it's fine the way it is, without idiots plaguing the wifi service. Nintendo has already shown us they aren't good at online gaming. They hardly even fixed the problem where people disconnect from DS wifi. You should appreciate that the games are still fantastic after all these years, without needing wifi, and stop being such spoiled brats.

For the past six or so months, I've been waiting for Mistwalker's epic Lost Odyssey to be released. After playing Blue Dragon, I was very disappointed. I expected Blue Dragon to be the must have RPG for the 360. Being skeptical, I waited for reviews of Lost Odyssey in order to form a more rounded opinion.

I couldn't have made a worse decision.

When I read the IGN, GameSpot, and 1up reviews of Lost Odyssey, I began to notice a trend. What's happening to game journalism? It seems that when Spore was announced, and Portal came out, a magic spell was cast on the entire gaming press, making them innovation whores. Lost Odyssey was receiving mediocre grades because it's traditional, regardless of it's well written story.

Lost Odyssey is a fine game, and doesn't take risks for a good reason. Most JRPGs in the past few years that have tried to take risk were fun, but forgettable, with the exception of Final Fantasy XII, which is a change for the series but not 100% innovative. People need to understand that JRPGs are traditional by default, and that's what gave the genre it's name. The genre is heavily story based, and it keeps their gameplay intact for hardcore fans.

GameSpot, IGN and 1up, Final Fantasy VII was a great game in your opinion, wasn't it? You flourished it with near perfect grades, even though every RPG from eras before it shared the same gameplay. What happened now? Portal changed your life, and mine too, but it's unnecessary to make every game different. That will only dry out ideas, and curse the industry for the rest of its days.

10:44 AM on 01.30.2008

So the other day, I was wasting some time, sitting at my desk, and I remembered that I had never beaten many of the world's most famous RPGs.

So I've decided to start a playthrough.

I've decided to start with 16bit era RPGs. This is my current list (in order of playing):

*edited according to suggestions*

Final Fantasy IV (GBA or SNES?)
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy V (GBA or SNES?)
Super Mario RPG
Final Fantasy VI (GBA or SNES?)
Secret of Mana
Seiken Densetsu 3

Queue for later:
Breath of Fire 1 & 2 (GBA or SNES?)
Tales of Phantasia (Playstation version, Translated.)

I'm open to more suggestions. Dtoiders, go go go!

So yeah. Today I woke up at 9 AM, browsed the internet for a while, and then watched the Fox News report on Mass Effect.

I'm starting to believe the philosophy that most of mankind is mentally retarded.

Do parents not know that it's much easier to sneak into a movie theater? Because the content in movies can, and usually is, a lot worse than the content in games. My friends who have oppressive parents go to buy tickets to Pixar films and then sneak into Saw films and other rated R 'epics' such as Superbad, Borat, and more. I have nothing against any of these movies (except Saw. LOL ORIGINALITY) but they need to widen their focus, or trust their kids more. After all, parents, anything bad your kid does is your responsibility, and probably your fault. I'm 16, and my parents raised me to know right and wrong. I've been playing rated M games since i was 7 years old, and I've never shot someone, and I do not treat women like beings that have no other meaning but pleasure.

Another thing: I'm sorry, but hardly any new generation teenager thinks of women and sex like that. The only ones that I've ever seen that think like that, are the ones who's parents teach them. Sexism is like racism. It has to be taught, no one who grows up naturally in today's society naturally thinks in a sexist manor.

9:45 AM on 01.22.2008

Hey guys. I've been lurking the site for a while, and I notice there's a lot of Assassin's Creed hatred. I've never touched the game, and planned to get the PC version, but I'm reconsidering.

The first time I saw this game, I was amazed. For whatever reason, I was expecting it to be the new Metal Gear stealth action epic. Now, it looks more like a Tomb Raider game with blood, gore, and the middle east. It also looks like a pretty repetitive game.

So I ask you, the people. What's so bad about Assassin's Creed? Try and save your new friend Alucard a buck, will ya?