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So this morning I woke up at 5:30AM to get ready for school, and I came on Dtoid like I always do. There, I saw this post about how Mario Kart Wii doesn't have any online communication. All of a sudden, people commented about how this has somehow changed their mind about buying the game.

Now I remind you, one of the DS's top selling games, which has wifi, is Mario Kart DS. Didn't have communication, now did it?

Seriously, although it would be great to have voice communication, you guys have to remember. Nintendo probably wouldn't even have a wifi service if we didn't complain about that when the Gamecube was around. They probably just threw it in for us, so we stopped whining. But, no. We were spoiled, by other companies. I know that Nintendo has no excuse for not putting in voice communication, it shouldn't be a selling point for these games, especially because Nintendo would probably screw up voice chat in the first place. And, where would you plug a microphone into the wiimote? You'd have to take out the nunchuck or any other addon.

I think it's fine the way it is, without idiots plaguing the wifi service. Nintendo has already shown us they aren't good at online gaming. They hardly even fixed the problem where people disconnect from DS wifi. You should appreciate that the games are still fantastic after all these years, without needing wifi, and stop being such spoiled brats.

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