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This morning, my copy of Modern Warfare 2 activated on Steam. Excited as I was, I immediately began to play during my break at college. Honestly, I have no idea what all the whining was about.

I played the first mission of singleplayer to check out how well the game is optimized, and it's nothing short of perfect. This game is in no way a "shoddy port" of the 360 version. It runs just as smooth, if not smoother, than its console counterpart.
( My laptop: )

I hopped onto multiplayer after that, to see if there really were ANY problems with it. As a result, I've discovered that not only is matchmaking very streamlined, it's actually faster than what you see in console matchmaking (Halo 3, COD4). To top that off, I was getting 60fps, with no lag, on public school wi-fi with around 100 other laptops connected in the same room as me.

My message to the whiners: boo-fucking-hoo. It works, and is potentially faster than dedicated servers. Gamespot's review section has 500 user reviews, rounded up to 5.5 out of 10 mostly due to people complaining about the new multiplayer. There are groups on Steam and Facebook of people trying to boycott this game. After buying and playing MW2 for PC, the only thing I can make of all of this is that PC gamers, a tribe that I consider myself a member of, consists of a large amount of kindergarteners. You can't always have your way, and sometimes your way isn't the best way.

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