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Something's been bothering me a lot lately. No, it's not that Infinity Ward has "let us PC gamers down" or anything like that. It's the people who are whining about it.

Infinity Ward is not obligated to do anything special for us PC gamers. They don't have to make their game the same way PC games have always been. They're allowed to try new, more successful things for a PC version. What if matchmaking catches on? It did for console gaming. We're always told that PC gaming is dying, and we know it isn't, so we argue the opposite. Yet, we're complaining when a company is trying to help our market be more accessible than having to copy and paste the server's IP to all of your friends and hope the server isn't full. Now, I am a bit upset that mods are disabled and they will be charging for map packs, and I agree that it's a big blow to the PC standard that we can't mod this game. Honestly though, I believe that playing the actual game is enough, and in the end mods have a smaller following than the actual game, so people end up playing the main modes.

So, to all you PC elitists who believe Infinity Ward deserves to be "punished" because they "broke the rules of PC gaming," suck it up, grow up, and:

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